Class 8: English Composition Writing Tips Examples

Class 8: English Composition Writing has been discussed with tips and examples for class 8 students. Class 8: English Composition Writing lets you know how to write different writing skills, such as letter writing, paragraph writing, story writing, diary writing, etc.

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1. Study the flowchart and write how tomato jelly is prepared.

[Tomatoes – buying and sorting – cleaning – smashing – extracting juice – straining and boiling in a pan for half an hour – mixing sugar, dust chili – cooling and pouring into bottles – packing -sending to the market.]

Making of Tomato Jelly

Tomato jelly is a tasty food. At first, some tomatoes are bought from the market. Then the good and the fresh tomatoes are sorted out and the bad ones are removed. The good tomatoes are cleaned. They are then smashed well. Thus juice is extracted. The extract is next boiled for 30 minutes. The proper amount of sugar and chili powder is added to the hot juice. The jelly is thus prepared. It is cold and bottled for future use.

2. Develop the following hints into a story.

[A lion sleeping – disturbed by a mouse – was going to kill a mouse – the mouse appealed for its life – the lion let it go – one day the lion was trapped by a hunter – caught in a net – roared – mouse came – lion free.]

The lion and the mouse.

Once a lion was sleeping in his den. A little mouse was playing nearby. Accidentally it entered the lion’s nose. The lion woke up and became very angry. He held the mouse in his paw. He wanted to kill it. The mouse begged for his life. The lion pardoned it and set it free. Not long afterwards the lion was caught in a hunter’s net. He began to Roar trying hard to come out. The mouse heard his roar. It rushed to save the king of the animals. Eid card the net with its sharp teeth and set the lion free.

Moral: a little act of kindness is never wasted.

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3. Write a letter to your friend congratulation him on his success in the examination.

My dear friend,

I heartily congratulate you on your standing first in the annual examination. Joys knew no bounds as I heard the news. My parents are very glad to hear this. They are all praise for you. I am really very proud of your achievement. I hope that you will keep it up and improve your result.
More when we meet. Congratulation to you once again with love.

Yours affectionately,
Your name

4. Write a paragraph about “Pollution”


Today we are facing various problems. Pollution is one of the greatest problems all over the world. It poses threats to human life and creates one. Modern science is largely responsible for pollution. There are three kinds of pollution – air, water, and noise. Air is constantly polluted by smoke from factories and the carbon monoxide gases emitted by motor vehicles. This polluted air is harmful to us. It causes diseases like – bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, and many other diseases of nerves. Water is polluted by untreated sewage, chemicals, and other waste from the factories. Oil tankers of unclean out there tanks at sea and power stations release hot water into the rivers.

These pollute water. Polluted water causes skin diseases and kills aquatic animals and plants. There is another pollution which is known as noise pollution. It is caused by the use of different kinds of horns by vehicles and the indiscriminate use of mikes And loudspeakers. Noise pollution generates did like insanity and deafness. Besides we often speak of land pollution. It is polluted by extensive use of fertilizers and insecticides. The plantation of more trees is the only way to combat it.

5. Write a story using the following points. Give a suitable title and moral to it

[ Points: a king lost his throne- hot repeatedly to get it back-held-hide from enemies in a cave – saw a spider climb up to the roof of the cave after repeated failure – the king learned a lesson – fought again- got back his Kingdom ]

A King and the Spider

Once upon a time, there was a king. Once he lost his throne and hid himself in a cab with all his followers. Hi hot repeatedly to get back his last Kingdom against Jain image but he was not successful. So when he hid himself in a cave he saw a spider climb up on the roof of the cave. But it failed, again and again, to climb up to the roof of the cave. Still did not give up hope. It tried again and again to reach the top of the group and at last, it succeeded. The king observed all these and learned a lesson. So he accumulated all his followers and gather the courage to fight against enemies repeatedly. At last, he pots bravely and won the battle. And he got back his Kingdom.

Moral:- try again and again

6. Here only keywords or expressions are given. Describe how it rains.

[ Sun – rays suck up water from the seas and streams- water vapor rises – comes in contact with cold air- water vapor condenses – forms into the cloud – becomes too heavy to hold water drops – falls on earth as rain. ]

How it Rains

The sun’s rays suck up water from seas and streams. Water evaporates from the Earth’s surface. Water vapor is formed. It rises high in the sky. As it goes higher it comes in contact with cold air. The water vapor condenses. It begins to float in the sky in the form of a cloud. Going higher up the clouds transform into water drops. When drops become heavy they cannot float. They begin to fall on earth as rain.

7. Write an application to the headmaster of your school praying for some textbooks free of cost.

The headmaster
Tilandapur Vidyasagar Nursery School
Panskura ,Purba Medinipur

Subject: – praying for some textbook free of cost.

Most humbly and respectfully, I beg to state that I am a student of class VIII, Roll number – 7. The financial condition of our family is very miserable. Our family members are five. My father is the only earning member of our family. His monthly income is Rs 1500 /-.
So, it is very difficult for him to buy me the textbook. If you kindly supply me the following test books free of cost, I will be obliged to you.
The names of books –

The names of books –
English grammar – by D. K. Dev
Bangla Byakaran – k.p. Choudhury
Prakruti bhugol – das & Maity
Bharath areas – by Chakraborty and Mondel

I am anxious for your contribution.

yours obediently
your name
Class. – section –
Roll number

8. Write a paragraph about” Early Rising”

“Early to bed and early to rise,
makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”.

Early rising is a good habit .an early riser can enjoy the beauty of nature and the freshness of Morning air. The morning air refreshes our body and mind. So, we can pass the day cheerfully. An early riser finds enough time to do his daily duties. He can finish a large part of his work before other men leave their beds. some work can be better done during the early hours of the day. The early risers also find time to take exercise in the morning. He can do morning walks to keep fit. All the great men in the world are early risers. so, a man wishing to be Hale and hearty must have the habit of rising early. Remember the Lines –
“The cock crows in the morning to tell us to write, And he who lies late can never be wise.”

9. Write the following Story using the following hints.

[ A quarrel between the wind and the sun Over which was the stronger of the 2 – a traveler watched coming down the road – agreed that the one that could take off the Mans Clockwise the stronger – a wind began to blow but the traveler wrapped his Clock around him -when the wind gives up, the sun started his work- the traveler grew warmer and began to loosen his Cloak and sat down in the shade of a tree and fanned himself .]

The Wind and the sun

The North wind and the sun once had a dispute about which was the stronger. Suddenly they saw a traveler coming down the road. So they agreed that the one that could take off the Mans Cloak was the stronger. First, the wind began to blow an icy blast but the harder he blew the more closely did the traveler wrap his Cloak around him. The wind was not strong enough to tear off the Mans Cloak. At last, the wind gave up in disgust. Next was the sun’s turn and he drove away all the heavy rain- clouds. Then he began to shine down upon the traveler with such power that the traveler rushed to the wood nearby to take some rest. In the shade of a tree, he sat down and fanned himself. So the disputes ended and the sun became the winner.

Moral:- Persuasion is better than force.

10. Write a letter to your friend advising him to take care of his studies.

Dear friend,
Last week I met a friend of yours. He told me about your deficiencies in studies, first of all, it will be shocking to our parents if they come to know about all this. I have not yet reported the matter to them. Before I do this, I advise you to mind your studies and make up all deficiencies, if any, within a short time. I believe you will work hard from today. Time, once wasted cannot be recalled. So do all your work on time. Then there is no chance of your lagging behind in the class. You are passing through the formative Years of youth. You must realize it by studying.
I hope I will get good news in the future regarding you.
Your affectionately,

11. You have come to know that the local postman has delivered your letter to your neighbor’s house by mistake. Write a letter to the post office with a request to return the letter to you.

The postmaster
Panskura Post Office
Panskura, Puru Medinipur .
I would like to draw your kind attention that The postman delivered my letter to one of my neighbors by mistake Just 5 days ago. I came to know it from one of my friends. But I was unable to get the letter from him because I was not at home during the last 7 days. That letter is very important to me.
So, I request you to look into the matter seriously so that I can get back my important letter as early as possible.

Yours faithfully,

12. Recently you gave up your seat on a crowded bus to an old ailing person. Write a letter in about 80 words to your friend describing how you felt after having helped the person.

Dear Anupam ,

Today I write to you this letter expressing my feeling about the noble work I have done. I was returning from the zoological garden with my friends on bus route number 115. Though it was a crowded bus, we got seats. When our bus was at Park Street, an old, man, aged about 80, got into the bus but the seats for the senior citizens were full. I, at once, left my seat and requested him to sit. He was very pleased with me and blessed me with his heart’s content. I felt extremely happy. I will remember his blessings forever.

Write to me soon. Would love to hear from you about this kind act. Best of luck, much love.

Yours ever
Your name

13. write a short story in about 80 words using the following hints. Give a suitable title to the story.

[A farmer finds snake almost date with-brings it home-worms it-saves its life-the snake is about to bite the farmer’s son-the farmer chases away the snake]

An unfaithful snake

Once Upon a time, a farmer was returning home from a field in the evening. It was winter. By chance, he found a snake lying almost dead in the cold. He felt PT and brought the snake to his home. He kept the snake in his room in straw, gave it food, and saved its life. One day, the farmer’s son was playing on verandas. Suddenly, the snake raised its head to bite his son. The farmer noticed this. He come at once, took a stick, and chased it away from his house.

14. Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to be kind to animals.

Dear Vishwaroop,

Hope your studies progressing well. Today I will tell you about how to behave with the animals. you have learned that sympathy for living creatures is the great virtue of man. I flinch to watch the news on the TV that a few human girls beat to death 13 dogs. Sometimes I watch naughty boys throw stones at monkeys. That is very bad. I say this to you because you should never do this unkind act. Animals are resources of our nature. They the keep balance of our earth and they have the equal right to live with freedom as we human beings have. you should always be kind to them. Please give them food and rejoice yourself to see them. Nurse them if they are affected by diseases.
No more today. Best of luck.

Yours ever
Your name

15. Write a story in about 80 words using the following hints.

[ King proud of his power-tells he can control everything on earth – text his courtiers to the sea shore – orders the webs to move back – the waves lash at the feet of the king – the king moves back in fear. ]

Once upon a time, there was a king named James Augustine in medicine. He was very boastful of the powerful stuff he used to say to his courtiers, “I m the strongest King on earth and I can control everything on earth.” show all his courtiers feared him much. One day the king asked his courtiers, “I will show you my power. Come with me.” The king stopped in front of the sea and said, “Waves move back.” But the waves lashed at his feet without paying heed to his order. The king moved back in fear.

16. Suppose you have to obey the orders of someone from morning to night. You are not allowed to act according to your own will. Write a paragraph in about 80 words describing your feelings in this situation.

My strong desire for freedom

From morning to night, I have to obey every order of my uncle. He wants to bring me up to be a complete human being. I considered that his intention is true. But I am impatient to follow his every restriction and I feel I have no freedom. I understand that I must study hard with great concentration. I wish some Angel to come into my dream and grant all my wishes with her magic wand. Then I won’t have to listen to my uncle for every little matter.

17. Write an autobiography of a broken bicycle.

An Autobiography of a broken bicycle

I am a broken bicycle. Now I reside in a dark room. Presently I am full of shoots and dirty waste. My front tire is punctured. About 10 years ago my owner bought me. He took care of me for about 3 years. I was the regular companion of my owner. Every Sunday he used to wash me and thoroughly oil me well. On Vishwakarma puja, he adorned me with flowers and the priest used to come to worship me. As I grew older my tires were punctured quite a few times. Then his son bought a bike and the owner took retirement from his job. As a result, I am destitute. Possibly my owner will sell me someday.

18. Suppose recently you had a change of your place of residence. Write a page in your diary about the experience of shifting from a familiar neighborhood to a new place.

✍✍Before writing a page of a diary we should discuss how a diary is written. Actually, it is a kind of paragraph writing, just you have to mention the date before writing your page of the diary. Normally, many of us maintain a diary in our regional languages. In the same way, we can also write a page of a diary in English also .????

August, Monday,24,2020

My father has bought a new flat in Kolkata. He sold the village house at Panskura for his job transfer. It was disappointing when I heard that we would go to a new residence. I had to leave my village school, my teachers, my neighbors, and the happy moments spent in the lap of nature. The sight of the Bust Greenfields and catching fish in the pond kept flickering in my mind. I was then admitted to a new school in Panskura. All the memories I left there made me sad all the time. Here the children are not so friendly with me as I have come from a rural area. I go to the rooftop to enjoy the cloudlets floating in the Sky. Hence everything I recall my good old days and I sob silently.

19. Suppose you have a red and interesting adventure story recently in this lockdown. Write a letter in about 80 words to your friend describing the story and telling him or her why you liked it.

Dear Avinab,

Hope you are in good health. Are you know I like to read adventurous stories? Yesterday I read “Chander Pahar “written by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. Sankar, a boy went to Africa to earn a livelihood. Suddenly he came to meet Diego Alveraz, European. He accompanied him to set off for “Chander Pahar” where diamonds were found according to hearsay. Once the narrator (here the protagonist of the story Sankar himself ) gave medicine to a little girl of the Kafi Sardar and she was cured. So he helped them with direction. According to the direction of Kafi Sardar that they started their journey for chander pahar.

They met with dangers at every step. Alverge was killed by Bunyip, a mythical amphibian monster said to inhabit waterways. Sankar alone was forced to travel. Later Sankar confronted him and killed him. To his Supreme surprise, he found some valuable stones in the dance-dark forest beside the spring. But he put them on the soil as his way of direction. Finally, he got back to India from death”s door. It was a really exciting story.

I think you have also read the story. Write to me about your experience. My gratitude and respect to you.

Your’s affectionately,

20. Write a paragraph in about 80 words on the changes that you see in nature when spring comes after winter.

The changes in nature in springtime after winter

During winter everything in nature looks pale. Trees shed their leaves and look dying. North cold wind embraces nature. In the advent of spring, the mild sun shines pleasantly. Nature becomes green with tender leaves and colorful flowers bloom. It looks like a Jeep Nature is playing. Birds with colorful wings fly and Twitter all the time. Nature is in full bloom and at its best.

21. Suppose you had wished to perform on stage for a long time. On the occasion of your school’s annual function, you finally got a chance to do so. Write a letter to your friend describing how you felt when your wish watch was fulfilled.

Dear Paritosh,

Today I am writing to you to share a moment of my life. You know that I love to play a synthesizer. Last year my teachers selected me to perform on the stage for the school concert held in Nazrul Mancha. I was very excited to get this chance. I was feeling a bit nervous too. As soon as my name was announced I decided to play the synthesizer. I played the tunes of “aguner poroshmoni …….”- a Rabindra Sangeet. The hall’s full of audience gave me a huge round of applause. I was happy to my heart’s content and still cherries each moment of it.

No more today. With love to you and regards to your parents.

Yours ever

22. Suppose you find yourself alone in a railway station at night. Write a paragraph in about a hundred words describing your experience.

Alone in a railway station at night

I was returning home alone from a hospital in Pansura at night. It was a rainy day. When I arrived at the station, it was quite deserted. The station was almost darkened except for a few parts under the light post dimly lighted. It was drizzling. Two dogs were lying under the cemented seat. I realized that darkness caught me from 4 sides of the platform. I noticed long shadows of branches of trees. Suddenly I remembered the story “Midnight Express .” my skin- hairs were erected for some unknown fear. In the meantime, the train was announced. I heaved a sigh of relief after I boarded the train.

23. Suppose you spent a moonlit night in a forest guest house. Write a paragraph of about 80 to 100 words on your experience. Mention the sounds that you heard there.

Last year I went with my four friends to the Sundarbans in winter. We spent a moonlit night at the guest house of Baghana forest. We took dinner and slept early by closing the door tightly as directed by the chowkidar. In the dead of night, I woke up hearing the roar of a royal Bengal Tiger nearby. Wooden guest House White second by the road. I was thrilled in fear. However, after an hour or so I heard a tapping at the door. I realized that someone was loitering on the lawn. I lay on the bed motionlessly and my heart was throbbing. After an hour I opened the door quietly leaned my head outside and saw nothing. I woke up the next morning to the harsh noises of my friends and was relieved to see myself unharmed.

24. Write an autobiography of an owl enjoying the night.

Autobiography of an owl enjoying the Night

I am an owl. I am a nocturnal mammal. Ice it on a big tree in a deep forest or at the top of the branch and watch everything clearly. Throughout the day I take a rest. As soon as the sunsets in the West, I set out for work. I look for my prey. Whenever I notice a squirrel or a mouse scampering on a branch of a tree, I immediately attack it and hunt it as food. I have strong echolocation power. I can determine the distance of my prey by my ultrasonic sound. On a moonlit night, the forest is filled up with my hoot. I am the mightiest flying mammal in the darkness at night.

25. Suppose your friend who lives in a hostel is missing his or her friends and family. He or she is feeling very lonely and sad. Write a letter inspiring him or her to cope with his or her present situation.

My dear Ranveer,

I have come to know that you are right now staying in the hostel to pursue your higher education. I know you are feeling very lonely and sad as you are separated from your friends and family. You know that student life is the best part of life as you are free from any tension of daily life. All you must do is study properly so that you accomplish your dream to become what you want to be and make the best out of it. At times if you feel sad read stories that you like and listen to your favorite songs. If you ask for my opinion, I will suggest you listen to “Tagore’ssong. You can also borrow books from your school library.

Your father and family are always with you. They are the pillars of our existence. Try to make new friends and share your feelings. I will write to you off and on. Never be sad and have a wonderful life ahead.

Your loving friend


26. Develop the following chart of paper making into a short paragraph with the help of the following hints.

[Raw materials like bamboo, softwood, grass, rags collected -cut into pieces -water and lime added -soft while pulp is made -pulp boiled -passed through machine -wet paper -passed -over heated rollers -thin sheets of papers -cut into short sizes -packed and delivered to market for sell -exported .]

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