Class 7: English Composition Writing Topics Examples

This Class 7: English Composition Writing will be a very effective task for students of class 7 as is very important for them to know the procedure to write different kinds of writing skills, such as letter writing, paragraph writing, story writing, diary writing, etc. Class 7: English Composition Writing Topics Examples are given below for the benefit of the students of class 7 for their practice as well as for the exam.

Class 7: English Composition Writing Letter

1. Write a letter to your younger brother about the benefits of reading the newspaper regularly.

My dear brother,
I have read your letter but reviews about the newspaper are not accepted well. In our day’s newspaper is a useful vehicle f acquiring knowledge. The benefits of reading newspapers are many. It restarts all the important events of the world, content articles written by eminent thinkers, and expresses comments on all happenings of public importance. So if you do not read the newspaper, you will lose contact with the world outside and fail to form your opinion on political, economic, social, and educational matters.
Hoping that you will now understand the utility of reading newspapers.
I am,
Yours affectionately,
Durga (your elder brother)

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2. Suppose you have visited the zoo with your parents. Write a letter to your friend telling him or her about your experience in the zoo. You can use the following hints:- 

[ Wild animals and birds you saw – their habits – your feelings – should they be  kept in a zoo or in a reserved forest ]

My dear friend,

Hope everything is fine at your end. I am writing you this letter to express my Jubilant experience. I with my parents went to Alipore Zoo to visit animals and birds. We went there around 11 in the morning. At first, we saw tigers. Then we saw chimpanzees, elephants, crocodiles, lions, Leopard beers, snakes, dear, alligators, hippopotami, giraffes, camels blue cows, monkeys, eagles, ostrich, peacocks, owls, and various types of birds snakes, and many other animals one by one. Wild animals are mainly carnivorous and San animals are herbivorous too. I was thrilled to watch all of them together. But my heart was heavy to watch them in a cage. I wish they could be kept in their natural habitat. As we know wild animals are best suited in forest age the babies in their mother’s lap.
Looking forward to your answer soon. Convey my respect to my uncle and aunt. Best of luck

Yours ever,

3.  Write a letter to your friend Persuading him to take part in games.

My dear Rajat,

Recently, I got it from Naren that you have become a bookworm. You do not take any physical exercises. I I am really pend to hear all this about you. I am not trying to dissuade you from your studies. The point is that balance is an important virtue. All of us should give value to it, otherwise, there will be e lopsided development. The op-side person is no better than Jack – ass. So please do not neglect your health. It is nature’s gift which you must maintain by taking part in various games. Remember that taking part in games is not a waste of time. It rather saves time by making you more competent for harder academic work.
I hope you will listen to me and take part in games regularly.
With best wishes,

Sincerely yours,

4. write a letter to your friend inviting him to the marriage ceremony of your uncle.

My dear friend,

Hope you are well. We did not meet for a long time. How are you, there’s good news for you. My uncle’s marriage ceremony will be held on 15th August 2020. I’ve already invited all my friends and relatives for this occasion. They also have given their words to be present on that day. Moreover, all our friends will also be present to celebrate this ceremony in our house. I think if you will come and join us on that day to celebrate the ceremony, there will be grand fun as you know that we did not meet one another for a long time.
My parents have already invited your parents to be present on that day. I think you must abide by my request and invitation.
I am eagerly waiting for you.
No more today. When we will meet?

Yours ever,

5. Write a letter to your friend to join a tour of a historical place of interest organized by your club. 

Dear Sumita,

Hope so quite up to the mark with year on purpose. How are you? I am going to offer you a golden chance to have a nice visit to a historical place. Our club is going to organize a tour of Murshidabad to have a wonderful visit to the place of historical interest. We are going to the place on 25th December 2020 by bus. My parents and some of my other friends will also join our tour. We expect you earnestly. Please come and join the tour. If you join the tour, you must inform us as early as possible otherwise all the seats on the bus would be booked and there will be no chance of.

Yours ever,

6. Write a letter to your friend in about 80 words telling him or her about a short tour you had recently gone to. Mention the places you visited, how you traveled, the people who accompanied you, your sightseeing, and your enjoyment of the tour.

My dear Ketaki,

How are you? Hope this letter will find you in good health. Last Sunday I went to Digha with my family for a day’s trip and I want to share my delightful experience with you. We boarded on Pascoe local at 8:20 AM in the morning from Panskura and reached there around 11:00 AM in the morning. From there, we go to the new Digha by auto-rickshaw. There we booked a room beside the sea. After taking just your stop and hop half an hour, we went out to visit the sea beach and enjoyed the beautiful scenes. At noon, we took our lunch with fish Curry with rice. And then we go to Science Museum and Amaravati Park there.

We enjoyed the day very much. I will just come back to the degustation 2 take the Oscar local to come back home. The picturesque landscape actually fascinated me a lot. The people there were very friendly and cordial.

The journey was a Fuller exciting and more beautiful experience. Lots of love to you and regards to your parents.

Your loving friend,

7. Write a letter to your friend inviting him or her to the marriage ceremony of your uncle.

My dear Avirup,

Hope all is well at your end. You will be glad to know that my uncle’s marriage is taking place on 12th December 2020. My uncle has asked me to invite you. I want you and your family to attend the evening ceremony. My father will send you the invitation card by post. Please come calm 2 or 3 days earlier to assist me with the preparation of the wedding ceremony.

Convey my regards to your parents and love to your younger ones.

Yours ever,

8. Suppose you are celebrating your birthday next week. Now write a letter to your class teacher inviting him or her to your birthday party.

Respected Mr. Bose,

I am celebrating my birthday on the 7th of December. It will be my 13th birthday. My parents have arranged a party in the evening on that day at our residence. It will be our great pleasure if you kindly join the party and bless me with good luck.

Sincerely yours,
Navaneetha Mahiti

Class 7: English Composition Writing Paragraph

9. Write a paragraph about the “duties of a student”

Duties of Students

Students are the future of a country. Student life is a seed time of life. A student has so many duties. First of all, he must read attentively and obey his parents, superiors, and teachers. He must go to school regularly and do his homework properly. A student should fare well in school. He must be helpful to his fellow students. He should help the old female and weaker people as far as possible. A student must not disturb the teacher or the other students in the class. He should be attentive to his teacher. Students should take part in the games and sports. He should take exercise regularly. He ought to keep in mind that a sound body, sound mind, or health is wealth. The motto of a student must be punctual, disciplined, and obedient.

10. Write a paragraph about “your classroom”.

My Class Room

I am a student of class VII of Tillandapur Vidyasagar Nursery School. My classroom is on the first floor of a large three-storeyed building. On the top of the main door of the room, there is a space and here it bears the name of our class and also the room number. There are Teachers Day scan chairs. A black body behind the teacher’s chair. At the front office desk, there are four rows of benches and desks joined together. We keep our books in. Overhead there is an electric fan just in the middle of the classroom. The room is a large one. It has plenty of light. The color of the walls and the roof is dazzling white. It is always kept perfectly clean.

11. Write a paragraph on a recent, “Tree Plantation Drive” undertaken by your school.

Tree plantation drive in my school

On 5th June, on the occasion of world environment day, a tree plantation program was held at Tilandapur Vidyasagar nursery school at Panskura Bazar just beside the River Kongsabati. The program was inaugurated by the headmaster of our school by planting saplings of the Mahua tree in our school compound. Latter students and teachers planted 100 saplings within and around the school compound. The BDO of Panskura – 1 was present as a chief guest. A fascinating cultural program was held in the evening to mark the day. I planted a few saplings in the school compound. I also took part in the dance drama. Everyone presents there enjoyed the whole program.

12. Write a paragraph about “Your Hobby”.

My hobby

My hobby is gardening. I like digging the land and sowing the seeds. Every morning I water the growing plants. Sometimes I tune the branches and leaves. It is hard work, but not starting. It brings a sort of change in my day-to-day active life at school. I seat or sometime in my garden both in the morning and in the afternoon and like to see the suits coming up. I also enjoy the dancing of branches and lips on the bridge. For me, the plants and their Flowers and fruits or not dumb. They are just like growing children. They also have a language that I understand.

13. Write a paragraph about “The Bad Effects of Television”.

The bad effects of Television

Television is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern science. Television is the most powerful media for entertainment and for spreading knowledge and education. Through Television, the whole world has come within the four walls of a drawing room. We can watch it on the TV. Screens games and sports, dance, drama, film, and day-to-day incidents happening throughout the world.

But the bad effects of television on now a much-discussed topic. People of all ages, particularly young boys and girls are attached very much to serials, films and vulgar programs shown on a different TV. Channels. This is making them ideal. Too much craze for TV is affecting the normal studies of the students. Too much attachment to a TV screen is bad for eyesight. In spite of so many bad habits, we cannot blame the TV set as a control lies with the users. By using it properly we can make television our best friend, guide, and philosopher.

 14. Write a paragraph about. “The Science in the Service of Man”

The Science in the Service of Man

We are living in the age of science now. Now come on people cannot think of a life without books, daily newspapers, fortnightly or monthly magazines. People cannot run a day without electricity, telephone, radio, TV, trains come cards, tracks, airplanes, And above all life-saving medicines. These are the gifts of science. In the office, man depends very much on a typewriter, and photocopying Xerox machines. Teleprinter and computer. We cannot pass a single day without an electric pan in the summer and rainy seasons. While to do man provides their room with air cooler, air conditioners, refrigerators etcetera.

Our streets and homes are lighted at night. We find science in every corner of our life. The common people get the benefit of computerized booking tickets and reservations. In the field of medicine and surgery science has done miracles. Medical science is able to save life from dreadful diseases and its giving life to man also. The invention of vaccines Oh my antibiotics, scanners, and pacemakers as your new light to the victims of Cholera, typhoid, and smallpox, had troubles it is. There is no end to the service of science in our life. At present without science, life is still.

15. write a paragraph about  – “The value of games and sports .”

The value of games and sports

Games and sports build our health. Here is an old saying “Health is wealth”. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So in order to keep our body and mind phrase and healthy, we should devote ourselves to games and sports. Cricket, football, hockey, volleyball, etc are major outdoor games. These games develop teams. Games have their rules. Obedience to these rules develops a sense of discipline in us and cultivates a sportsman spirit. A feeling of Brotherhood and friendship does go up. Games and sports involve some physical exercises.

Proper growth of the different parts of our body is thus possible through games and sports. Nowadays students must bear a heavy load of subjects for studies. A lot of relaxation is given to them when they are engaged in games and sports. Regular participation in games and sports teaches the students to judge the situation promptly and to face any hard situation courageously.

16. Describe in a short paragraph your experience of enjoying a picnic.

My experience of enjoying a picnic

Last year in winter we went to Taki for a picnic. I was accompanied by my family members and some of my friends. We started our journey at 7 o’clock and reached the bank of the river, Ichhamati at 9:30 in the morning. I had already booked a launch. So we boarded the launch and had our breakfast. The launch to cast to different places on earth for sightseeing. What a lovely sightseeing it was! we had our test for lunch at a roadside joint. Then we clicked some photographs. In the afternoon we had tea with some local peters and played antakshari. At 6 p.m. will board the train to return home. Our picnic was really enjoyable.

17. Describe a short paragraph about your experience of visiting a garden of flowers.

Visit a flowering garden

Last winter I went to Belur moth with my parents. There I saw various types of colorful flowers. Beside the Vivekananda museum, I came to see a cluster of flowering trees. There were marigold daliya and various types of orchids and many other unknown flowering plants with full of flowers. They were adorned in such a manner that each flower attracted every visitor. The picturesque beauty of the place was mesmerizing. After I return home the beauty lingered in my mind and I still cherish every bit of it.

18. Narrate a funny incident that you have experienced. You may use the following points.

[brief account of the incident – when it happened – the funniest part of the incident – funny characters involved, if any]

A funny incident

Last week all the villagers came out with sticks and other weapons to catch thieves at night. They could not catch the thief he was within their reach. However, I and my brother slept. But before dawn, I suddenly heard that my brother was shouting in a dream. He clutched his father’s hand tightly and yelled that he had caught the thief. I was in laughter even though I was half asleep. My father was perplexed. I shook my brother heavily. He came back to reach consciousness. In the morning I told everyone about the incident and they laughed loudly.

19. Write a paragraph in about ten sentences about what you want to be in the future and also mention its purpose.

My aim in life

I would like to be a botanist. My aim in life is to know about various trees in different geographical regions. So, I wish to know how to increase the production of crops to fulfill the demand for food. I would like to make our world green and healthy. I want to study in detail about medical medicinal plans which are found in different parts of India in abundance.

20. Write a biography of Prafulla Chandra Roy who was a great Indian scientist. You may use the following hints.

[Birth: 1861, Khulna, now in Bangladesh – Education:- village pathShala, hair school, Albert school, passed entrance examination (1879), F.A from Metropolitan college (1882)-Own Gilchrist scholarship (1882), went to London – BSc from Edinburgh University( 1882to1884), Dsc, Edinburgh University -professor of residency college (1889),- First to prepare Mercurous Nitrate in laboratory (1896)- Establish Bengal chemicals(1901)- Joined science college as police professor – Death:1944]

Prafulla Chandra Roy

2 August 1861 was a landmark in the history of science in India as on this day Prafulla Chandra Roy, one of the most famous scientists was born at Khulna now in Bangladesh. He started his education in a village path Sala. Later he studied at Here School and Albert School. He passed the entrance examination in 1879 and F.A. from Metropolitan College in 1882. He got a Gilchrist scholarship in 1882. After that, he went to London. He got his BSc and DSc degrees from Edinburgh University from 1882 to 1884. Profile Chandra Roy was selected as a professor at Presidency College in 1889. He was the first scientist who prepared Mercurous Nitrate in the laboratory in 1896. He established Bengal Chemicals in 1901. The great scientist joined science college as Plait Professor. This famous chemist passed away in 1944.

21. Write a paragraph about ‘A Village Fair’ using the following words or phrases.

[Fairground, crowd, merry-go-round, circus tent shops, and counterbalance enjoyment.]

A Village Fair

A village fair is a popular event in the countryside. People from far and wide visit the fair. The fairground is full of gaily-clad crowd. There is a merry-go-round in full swing, shops, and counters in the fairground. There is also a circus tent. A balloon seller is selling colorful balloons. A boy is watching the tricks of a clown with enjoyment. Four members of a family are returning from the fair. The father is carrying the youngest son on his left shoulder. He is holding a balloon with joy. Hipsters easily greet a teddy bear with merriment. His wife is carrying a bag with a smile.

22. A biography is a detailed account of someone’s life written by some other person. Now write a short biography of Raja Ram Mohan Roy using the following information.

Name: Raja Ram Mohan Roy

date of birth: 22nd May 1772

father and mother : Ramakanth Roy and Tarini Devi

education: learn Arabic; Persian, Sanskrit, scholar in English, Latin, Greek, French, Tibetan.

country visited: Tibet, England

achievements: champion of the Brahma Samaj, abolished the cruel custom of ‘Sati’, wrote books on various subjects

death : 27th September 1833 ;buried in Bristol in England

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Raja ram Mohan Roy was the pioneer of modern India. He was born on 22nd May 1772 at Radhanagar in the district of Hooghly. His parents were Ramakant Roy and Tarini Devi. He learned different languages like Arabic, Persian, and Sanskrit. He was a great scholar in English, Latin, Greek, French, and Tibet. In the course of his career, he visited Tibet and England. As a social reformer, his greatest achievement was abolishing the cruel custom of “ sati “. He wrote many books on various subjects. Raja Ram Mohan Roy died on 27th September 1833 and was buried in Bristol in England.

Class 7: English Composition Writing Story

23. Write a story with the help of the following outlines given below.

[A cap seller – went to sell the caps from place to place – got tired – taking rest under a tree – monkeys on the tree – he fell asleep and woke up – no caps, monkeys wearing his caps – he took off his cap – threw down – monkeys did the same – he collected the caps and went away.]

The Cap Sellar and the Monkeys

Once a cap seller went from village to village for selling his caps. One day after getting tired he wanted to take some rest under a tree. He lay down under it keeping his caps by his side. Soon he was fast asleep. There were many monkeys on the tree. They saw the cap seller asleep with a cap on his head. They came down one by one and each one took a cap and put it on its head and then climbed up. The cap seller woke up. He did not find the caps. The Capseller looked up and saw the monkeys with caps on their heads. He thought out a plan. Then he took off his own cap and threw it down. The monkeys did the same. The cap seller collected all the caps and went away.

Moral: – the presence of the mind wins everywhere.

24. Write a story with the help of the following points and also add a moral.

[ A poor woman came to Buddha – asked for medicine to restore the dead child to life –He asked her to bring a handful of mustard seeds from a house where death was absent -she tried but failed – return to Buddha – he consoled her saying that man is mortal. ]

Poor woman and Lord Buddha

Once there was a poor woman. She lost her only son and so see what the highly shocked. She came to lord Buddha and asked him whether he could give her any medicine to bring back her dead child to life. The holy man told her that there was only one medicine to bring her son to life. He bade her bring him a handful of mustard seeds from a house where death had never entered. The Sarang mother went from door to door seeking the mustard seeds, but at every house, she got sad replies.

Then out of disappointment she came back to the great religious teacher and narrated to him the result of her quest. Then Buddha told her tenderly,” Don’t think much of our own sorrow. This is the law of nature. Nobody is immortal in this world”. Thus, the women learned a lesson,” sorrow and death are common to all.”

Moral: – death is inevitable.

25. Write a story with the help of the following points.

[Frogs lived in a pond -boys heat stones and hurt the frogs -a frog asked, “Why are you throwing stones ?”-boys replied, “We are playing “-frog said,” It is death to us “- boys felt sorry -stop sport ]

The Boys and the Frogs

Once there was a muddy pond beside an old house. Some frogs lift in that morning. After the school was over a gang of naughty schoolboys gathered on the bank of the pond. One day they threw stones into the pond playfully. Some frocks were hurt badly. Seeing the miserable condition of the frogs one of them rose its head on the water and asked bravely, “Why are you throwing stones at us?” The boys replied, “We are playing joyously.” The frog said, “ Do you know that what is play to use death to us?” The boys understood their fault and expressed sorrow for their misdeed. They stop their foolish sport.

26. Study the following hints and write a story with the help of the following hints also write a moral and title.

[A Fox fell into a well-tried to get out but in vain-go to watch passing by-he invited the goat to drink sweet water-get up on his back and jump out of the well.]

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