English Paragraph Writing for Class 5

English Paragraph Writing for Class 5 with topics has been arranged and prepared according to the trend and types of questions that are found in different questions paper. For English Paragraph Writing for Class 5 normally, hints are given and one is to write expressing the given hints.

1. Your visit to a riverside: English Paragraph Writing for Class 5

1. English Paragraph Writing for Class 5 about your visit to a riverside. Use the following hints.

[Hints: With whom you went- when did you go the – your  feelings.]

My Visit to a Riverside

Last month, I went on a weekend trip with my parents to the Matla riverside in Nimpith, South 24 Parganas. Two of my close friends along with their parents also went with us. We reached in the afternoon and stayed at the Kaikhali Parjotak Abas, located on the bank of the beautiful Matla River. It was a breezy Autumn day we were surrounded by mangrove vegetation and greenery. The next day, we went on a boat ride along the canals of the Sunderbans and enjoyed delicious meals. I had a wonderful trip and would cherish the memories forever.

2. Kazi Nazrul Islam: English Paragraph Writing for Class 5

2. Write ten sentences about Kazi Nazrul Islam using the following hints.

[Hints: Name: Kazi Nazrul Islam – Date of birth: May 24, 1899- Names of parents: Kazi Faqeer Ahmed, Zahida Khatun Place of birth: Churulia in Burdwan Achievements famous poet and lyricist; took part in the freedom movement of India Notable works Bisher Banshi, Samyabadi etc.; wrote and composed about 4000 songs, known as Nazrulgeeti – Death: August 29, 1976.]

Kazi Nazrul Islam – The Rebel Poet

Kazi Nazrul Islam was born on May 24, 1899. His birthplace is Churulia in Burdwan. His parents were Kazi Faqeer Ahmed and Zahida Khatun. He was a famous poet and lyricist. He also took part in the freedom movement in India. Some of his outstanding works are Bisher Banshi, Samyabadi etc. The songs he wrote and composed are known as Nazrulgeeti. The number of these songs is about 4000. Kazi Nazrul Islam died on August 29, 1976. He is the national poet of Bangladesh.

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3. The journey from your home to school

3. Write five sentences about your journey from your home to school. You can use the following hints.

[Hints: Distance between home and school-modes of travelling-important landmarks- things you see in the course of your journey-the most exciting part of your journey.]

The Journey from Home to School

I read in K.B.S. High School. It is about 12 km from our home. I go to school by bus only. On my way to school, on the left stand The Grand Hotel, Malina Park and a Medical College. Besides, on either side stand rows of buildings. I see busy taxis buses, autos and pedestrians on the road. The most exciting part of my journey is crossing a bridge.

4. Childhood of Rabindranath Tagore

4. Write eight sentences about the childhood of Rabindranath Tagore. Here are some points.

[Points: Born on 8th May 1861–did not enjoy formal schooling — was taught at home mathematics teacher was Aghore Babu-used to play in the verandah-roleplaying as a teacher-taught the railing bars as if they were students-conclusion.]

The childhood of Rabindranath Tagore.

Rabindranath Tagore was born on 8th May 1861. He did not enjoy formal schooling. He was taught at home. His mathematics teacher was Aghore Babu. He used to play in the verandah. Rabindranath Tagore would play the role of a teacher. He taught the railing bars as if they were students. It is a short description of Rabindranath Tagore’s childhood.

5. Your visit to a zoo: English Paragraph Writing for Class 5

5. Suppose you visit a zoo with your parents and saw many interesting things there. Write five sentences to describe your experience.

[Hints: name of the zoo time of visit-animals and birds seen–eating habits — your experience.]

My visit to Zoo

It was on 25 December last Year. It was early in the morning. I went to the Alipore Zoo with my parents. There we visited many tigers, lions, elephants, monkeys, giraffes, rhinos, hippos and crocodiles. We also visited many birds like — myna, parrots, love birds, cuckoos, larks etc. Tigers and lions are fed on flesh. Monkeys feed on fruits, leaves etc. Birds feed on grains and corn. It was an exciting and unforgettable experience for me.

6. Henry Louis Vivian Derozio

6. Write a paragraph on Henry Louis Vivian Derozio using the following points.

Henry Louis Vivian Derozio

Henry Louis Vivian Derozio was a great social reformer of modern Bengal. He was born on 18th April 1809 at Entally in Kolkata. His father was Francis Derozio and his mother was Sophie Johnson. His early education started at David Drummond’s Dhurramtalla Academy’. He started his career as a teacher of English literature and History at Hindu College (now Presidency University) in Kolkata. Besides this, he also edited some magazines as the assistant editor of The India Gazette’, ‘The Calcutta Magazine’, ‘The Indian Magazine’ The Bengal Annual’ etc. He also wrote some books like To India, My Native Land’, ‘The Harp of India’, ‘The Fakir of Jungheera’ etc. Unfortunately, this great reformer of modern Bengal passed away on 26th December 1831.

7. Famous Sportsperson

7. English Paragraph Writing for Class 5 about another famous sportsperson who has brought glory to our country. Use the following hints.

[Hints: name of the sportsperson-place from where she/he comes-childhood days— events in which she/he took part-her/his achievement.]

 Famous sportsperson

The name of the famous sportsperson is Abhinav Singh Bindra. He came from a Punjabi Sikh family on 28th September 1982 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. He read in the Doon School, and at their home, in Patiala, he practised shooting. Abhinav Singh Bindra took part in 10 metres Rifle Shooting in Commonwealth Games, ISSF World Shooting Championship and Olympics. Abhinav Singh Bindra is the first individual gold medalist in Beijing Olympics 2008, and the only Indian to hold gold medals both in World Championship and in the Olympics. He has bagged gold, silver and bronze medals.

8. Experience of seeing the Night Sky

8. Write six connected sentences about your experience of seeing the night sky. You may use the following points.

[Point: time of seeing-place from where you looked-how the sky looked-other things that you saw-sounds of the night-your feelings.]

Experience of Seeing the Night Sky.

Yesterday night I saw a wonderful sight in the sky. It was my home from where I looked at the sky. The sky looked not so dark. I saw other things like the moon and some stars. The night was serene. I felt like to be in a fairyland.

9. My Mother: English Paragraph Writing for Class 5

9. Write a paragraph on ‘My Mother’ with the help of the hints given below:

[Hints: Introduction my mother – kind – loving and caring – she wishes good – teaches me – punishes me loves me – keeps the house clean – tells bedtime story – my love for my mother.]

My Mother

My mother is the best in my family. She is at the centre of my life and an ideal to me. My mother teaches me. She sometimes punishes me. She is full of love and affection. When I do wrong, she is firm. When I am ill, she is soft, kind and caring. She keeps the house neat and clean. My mother always wishes me good. She tells bedtime stories at night. I love her the comfort of my soul.

10. Your favourite festival

10. English Paragraph Writing for Class 5 on ‘A Visit to the Zoo’ with the help of the following hints

[Hints: A visit to the Zoo – various kinds of animals, birds and reptiles – lion, tiger-the Royal Bengal Tiger-monkeys, deer and elephants – fun – crocodiles – interesting experience]

A Visit to the Zoo

Visiting the zoo is always interesting. We can see various kinds of animals, birds and reptiles. The lion is really a king, The Royal Bengal Tiger is beautiful to look at. We get fun seeing monkeys, deer, elephants etc. It is fearful to see snakes and crocodiles. We can see wildlife closely. The zoo is a spot of fun and mirth. We learn many things from a zoo.

11. Your Visit to a Historical Place

11. Write a paragraph on ‘Your Visit to a Historical Place’ with the help of the hints:

[Hints: The time and year of visit – mode of the journey – the place – historical Monuments – your experience.]

Your Visit to a Historical Place

We love to travel. It refreshes our minds. It widens our thought. Last time, we set out for Agra. It is a famous historical place. We went there by train. Then we started our journey on 15th August 2012 and reached there on 16th August. We put up in a hotel. Then we went on sightseeing. It is a lively city. It is full of old historical monuments. The Taj Mahal is the best of all, I shall never forget it. It is a great sight to see in marble. The Agra Fort is another great historical monument. It is really a great feeling for me and a wonderful experience.

12. My Aim in Life: English Paragraph Writing for Class 5

12. English Paragraph Writing for Class 5 on ‘My Aim in Life’ with the help of the hints:

[ Hints: Introduction aim future plan prayer to God to fulfil the aim.-the benefit to the villagers ]

My Aim in Life

Every man should have an aim in life. An aimless man is like a ship without a compass. It moves here and there in every change of wind. It finds no definite port to harbour. I am not like that. My aim is to be a doctor. Our poor villagers suffer a lot. They have to go to town for treatment. I want to set up a hospital also and I will treat the poor people free of cost. I pray to God to fulfil my aim.

13. The Season You Like Most

13. Write a paragraph on ‘The Season You Like Most’ with the help of the hints:

The Season You Like Most

Every season comes in a cyclic order. I like winter the most. Winter is a season of fairness and enjoyment. The sky is bright and blue. The weather is pleasant. Flowers decorate nature. Festivals and fairs go on. People enjoy Christmas, picnics, tours, circuses and book fairs. Vegetables are in plenty in this season. It is a season of oranges and cakes. People enjoy woollen dresses. We enjoy the New Year. But sometimes winter becomes bitter to the poor. They do have not enough warm clothes.

14. The Usefulness of Trees: English Paragraph Writing for Class 5

14. Write a paragraph on The Usefulness of Trees’ with the help of the following hints

[Hints: Rain- Fresh Air- Oxygen – Flowers and Fruits – Trees – Habitat of Birds and Animals – Shades and Woods – Fuel and Timber – Medicine and Honey]

The Usefulness of Trees

Trees are our best friends. It gives us flowers and fruits. People and animals take rest under its shades. We get wood for furniture. It supplies fuel and timber. We build houses with timber. The forest is the home of animals. Trees are the home for birds. We get medicine, honey, wax etc. from the trees. We inhale Oxygen which trees give. They purify the air and bring rain. We can grow crops only if it rains. We should love trees and grow trees more to save us.

15. Vidyasagar

15. Write a paragraph on ‘Vidyasagar’ with the help of the hints given below:

[Hints: Date of birth – Service –Activities – Place of birth – Father Mother -Education – Death.]

Iswarchandra Vidyasagar

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was a great son of India. He was born on 26th September 1820 at Birsingha in Midnapore. Thakurdas Bandopadhyay and family. He got his primary education at the village Pathshala Then he came to Kolkata and studied at Sanskrit College He was a great scholar. People called him ‘Vidyasagar for his wisdom. He wrote many books. Vidyasagar was a social reformer. He had a kind heart. Vidyasagar spread education among women. He died in 1891.

16. Rainy season: English Paragraph Writing for Class 5

16. Write a paragraph on ‘Rainy Season’ with the help of the hints given below:

Rainy season 

The rainy season is one of the six seasons of Bengal. It begins from the 2nd week of June and continued to the first week of October. At this time the sky often is covered with gray dark clouds and raining cats and dogs. Roads and fields are covered with water. Farmers plough the field and sow the rice plant. The tree looks green all around. Ponds, rivers etc. fill up with water. Sometimes heavy rain causes floods. The poor people get into much trouble at this time. We get most of our water from the rainy season. Various kinds of fruits and flowers are produced in this time Malaria, Dengu, and Virus fever are spread widely in the rainy season. Few problems arise at this time, but many blessings we get from it.

17. Your favourite festival: English Paragraph Writing for Class 5

17. Write a paragraph on ‘Your favourite festival ‘ with the help of the hints given below:

Festival of Bengal / Durga Puja

Bengal has many festivals around the year. But the main festival of Bengal is Durga Puja. Durga puja occurs in autumn in September or October. Durga is the goddess of strength and prosperity. She is worshipped widely all over the Bengal even all over India. Maa Durga come to us with two daughters Laxmi and Saraswati, and two sons Kartika & Ganesha. She was worshipped for four days. On this occasion, most of the family members wear new clothes. Family members are gathered during puja pandals. Puja pandals are decorated with lights and flowers. On this occasion schools, colleges, and offices are closed. The image is immersed on the 4th day of worship.

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