Blanks filling with Articles and Prepositions Class 10

Learn the blanks filling in appropriate articles (a, an, the) and prepositions (of, in, on, etc.) Class 10 for better English grammar. Our interactive lessons and quizzes will guide you through the correct usage of these words and help improve your written and spoken communication skills. Start now and take your English to the next level.

Passages are given below for the blanks filling with articles and prepositions class for 10. This is prepared for Class 10. Read the passages carefully and try to practice the blanks filling with articles and prepositions.

ArticlesA, An, The
PrepositionsAt, In, On, Up, To, Of, For, By, With, From, Into, Near, Between, Among, Against, About, Along, Down, Upon, Inside, Under

Blanks filling with Articles and Prepositions Examples

Example 1

1. ___________ great deal has been said and written ___________ the gypsies. As a strange tribe, they excited much curiosity in the people with whom they lived. They hawked about small articles and sold them ___________ fairs. They attracted a great many people ___________ their magic shows. ___________ one time it was thought that they stole children with a view ___________ training them ___________ their ways ___________ life.
Ans: A, about, at, by/with, At, of, in, of.

Example 1

2.I arrived at my cousin’s house ___________ the evening. It was freezing cold and we had ___________ early dinner in ___________ large room whose walls and ceiling were covered ___________ stuffed birds
Ans: In, an, a /the, with.

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Example 2

3.The disappearance of Subhash Chandra Bose ___________ August 18 1945 remains still ___________ unsolved mystery. There is no definite evidence of ___________ unfortunate plane crash or of Netaji being ___________ the plane at all.
Ans: on, an, the, in.

Example 3

4. ___________ girls ___________ this village have promised to fight ___________ the cars ___________ child marriage.
Ans: The, of, against, of.

Worksheet for articles and prepositions

Exercise 1

1.Most people are fond ___________ mystery stories. They find ___________ extra pleasure ___________ trying to solve ___________ mystery along with the investigator.
Ans: of, an, in, the.

Exercise 2

2.In India the first successful oil well was sunk ___________ Borbil, later known as Digboi, in Assam ___________ 19th October 1889. ___________ Digboi refinery is ___________ oldest running refinery in the country.
Ans: in, on, The, the.

Exercise 3

3.In ___________ evenings they would sit together ___________ the dining table and rearrange the stamps. He had ___________ album for each country.
Ans: the, at, an.

Exercise 4

4.When John arrived ___________ Mumbai ___________ train there was not ___________ single penny in his pocket.
Ans: in/at, by, a.

Exercise 5

5.India stormed into ___________ quarter finals ___________ the world cup on Friday defeating West Indies ___________ four wickets in ___________ not so high scoring game in Perth.
Ans: the, of, by, a.

Exercise 6

6. LaptopJagat is ___________ most exquisite place in the western part ___________ Darjeeling Hills. It offers ___________ unique experience ___________ nature lovers with its Alpine scenario and magnificent view of Kanchenjunga.
Ans: the, of, a, to.

Exercise 7

7. ___________ students from ___________ neighbouring school are going ___________ an excursion to Darjeeling ___________ their teachers.
Ans: The, the, on, with.

Exercise 8

8. ___________ tigress captured in the Sundarbans ___________ May 10 had to be brought to ___________ Alipur veterinary hospital ___________ treatment.
Ans: The, on, the, for.

Exercise 9

9.The test match at Eden Gardens between two Rival teams India and Pakistan was ___________ exciting one there were ups and downs ___________ the fortunes of the two teams in the first innings India’s total ___________ 407 was almost overtaken ___________ Pakistan.
Ans: an, in, of, by.

Exercise 10

10. January 24 1984 was a memorable day in Sudha’s life. She was back on ___________ stage. Arrangements were made ___________ her dance performance at ___________ big hall ___________ Bombay.
Ans: the, for, the, in.

Exercise 11

10.The transport minister has constituted ___________ one-man committee to look ___________ the demand of transport operators for ___________ increase ___________ fares.
Ans: a, after, the, in.

Exercise 12

12. ___________ World nutrition week is observed ___________ 5th ___________ 12th September. ___________ this occasion Prop Utpal Roy Chowdhury of ___________ Dept of Food Technology and Biochemical Engineering, Jadavpur University lectures ___________ the new areas ___________ Nutrition science ___________ a seminar in Kolkata.
Ans: The, from, to, On, the, on, of, at/in.

Exercise 13

13.Once upon a time there was a ___________ boy who dreams ___________ making great buildings. He made friends ___________ a blind man whose ambition ___________ life was to design a Church. One evening ___________ blind man told his young friend ___________ his concept of the perfect Cathedral. The boy took ___________ his sketch book and begin to draw according ___________ the specifications dictated by the blind man.
Ans: a, of, with, in, the, about, up, to.

Exercise 14

14.In ___________ absence ___________ Andy Flower, his brother and new captain Grant Flower who had ___________ tremendous test series ___________ India, will have ___________ shoulder ___________ major responsibility. Stuart Carlisle and Dion Ebrahim have displayed their hunger ___________ runs and Alistair Cambell is long overdue for ___________ big innings.
Ans: the, of, a, against, to, the, for, a.

Exercise 15

15. ___________ New Zealand cricket captain Stephen Fleming expects ___________ tough tour ___________ India. He said that the 15-member New Zealand team, who arrived ___________ a long and delayed Air India flight ___________ Christchurch with a stopover ___________ Singapore, would benefit ___________ their tour and that he was looking forward ___________ playing well here.
Ans: The, a, in, after, from, at, from, to.

Exercise 16

16.Sunil, ___________ young driver jumped ___________ the river and saved the child ___________ drowning.
Ans: a, into, from.

Exercise 17

17. ___________ Film festival ___________ Nandan will pay tribute ___________ Satyajit Ray ___________ his birth anniversary.
Ans: The, of, to, on.

Exercise 18

18.It is all ___________ account of ___________ kite that there are more or ___________ us.
Ans: on, the, of.

Exercise 19

19. Africa, the younger ___________ the two girls, has cracked IIT, while ___________ older one is an engineer ___________ a multinational.
Ans: of, the, in.

Exercise 20

20.It was ___________ question ___________ many of ___________ our hearts as we sat,still shocked and unbelieving.
Ans: the, in, of.

Exercise 21

21.This was surely ___________ question uppermost ___________ the mind ___________ the mourning people.
Ans: the, in, of.