Notice writing for class 10 Topics and Examples

Our comprehensive guide on notice writing for Class 10 students covers all the essential aspects of effective notice writing, including format, language, tone, and structure. With step-by-step lessons, examples, and exercises, you’ll master the art of writing compelling notices in no time. Whether you’re preparing for an exam or writing a notice for the school bulletin board, our guide will equip you with the skills to communicate your message effectively. So, take the first step towards writing great notices today!

Notice writing for Class 10

Explore Notice writing for class 10 that covers different types of notices for the class 10th exam. Basically, a notice is a written or printed news or information usually displayed publicly. This draws the attention of the people concerned about certain facts that have happened or are going to happen or canceled or postponed. 

There are two kinds of notices Public Notice and Private Notice.

Public notice is for the people in general. It is a printing form that we find in newspapers or announcements on the radio or television. 

Private notice is one that is for a limited number of persons. It generally circulates among the members. School notices are of the private type.

Format of Notice Writing for class 10

According to the process of writing notice, it will become helpful to study the format of writing notice in the following with a picture description.

Notice Writing for Class 10 Format

Steps for Notice Writing for Class 10

Follow the simple few steps for the Notice writing for Class 10 that will be effective and make sure to earn good marks.

Step 1: use simple language
Step 2: get straight to the point.
Step 3: generally use Passive voice, present tense, and third person.
Step 4: You can start the body of the Notice like the following

  • “All the people/inhabitants/students are hereby informed/notified/asked that …….”
  • “ It hereby notified that……”
  • “ This is to notify/inform that…”

Topics and Examples of Notice Writing for Class 10

Some important topics with examples of Notice Writing for Class 10 are given below. This type of notice is found to be set in Exam. Study and practice them on a regular basis.

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Notice Writing for Class 10 on Online Debate Competition

Q.1. Suppose you are the Cultural Secretary of the Students’ Club of your school. Write a notice is about 100 words informing the students about an Online Debate Competition for the students of Classes IX and X of your school.

Agrabani Bidyamandir,  Kalyani



An online Debate Competition

All the students of our school are hereby informed that our school is going to organize an Online Debate Competition for the students of classes IX and X on 16th November 2021 at 6:00 PM. The motion of the debate is: “Online classes are better than offline classes.”- for and against. The participants will be allowed to speak for 4 minutes for or against this motion either in Bengali or in English. The team consists of three students from any class. wholehearted participation of all students in this online debate competition is earnestly welcomed. There will be no registration fees for this competition. This online debate competition will be conducted through Google Meet App. So the willing participants are requested to download Google Meet App to their mobiles. The jury of three judges will evaluate the participants and their judgment will be final.

The link will be shared to the WhatsApp number just 15 minutes before the competition. The willing students of classes IX and X are also informed to register their names for this online debate competition by sending their respective Names, classes, Mobile Numbers, and email IDs to or WhatsApp no1000000 on or before 10th November. The students may contact the undersigned for any further queries.

Asit Maity
Cultural Secretary
Students’ Club of Agrabani Bidyamandir

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Inter-School Chess Championship

Q.2. Your school is going to host the Inter-school district chess championship. Now write a notice as the secretary of the chess club of your school calling students to participate.

Banibrata High School, Hooghly



Inter-school district chess championship

All the students of our school are hereby informed that our school is going to host an Inter-school district chess championship on 12th May 2020. We all know that our school has a good reputation for chess championships. So the students who are already much more aware of chess and who have played chess frequently, are requested to submit their names to the undersigned on or before 20th April 2020. After the submission of names, our sports teachers will select the names from the list to allow them to participate in this Inter school test championship. Moreover, the selected candidates will also be trained by hour experts.

Sanjeev Maity
Chess Club of Banibrata High School

Corona Virus Outbreak Awareness

Q.3. Suppose you are the secretary of your local club. Now write a notice for the inhabitant of your area asking them to attend a Coronavirus outbreak awareness camp that your club will organize.

Youth Club, Bagnan



Coronavirus outbreak awareness camp

We all know that this is a very tough time for all of us because a deadly virus called coronavirus has broken out rapidly in our area. So to awareness about this disease, our club arranged an awareness Camp about the outbreak of coronavirus. At this Camp, famous doctors and also medical personalities will be present. They will discuss and also make us aware of how to prevent ourselves from this deadly disease. Many guidelines regarding this virus will be told and many tips also will be provided in this camp. So, all the inhabitants in our area are hereby requested to present the Camp on 15th May 2020 at 4:00 PM on our club premises. All the people who will come to attend this camp are requested to maintain a safe distance and also to wear masks. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to attend the camp.

Sanathan Mandal
Youth Club

Notice Writing for Class 10 on An Excision To Digha

Q.4. Suppose you are the secretary of your school committee. Your school has arranged a trip/Excursion to Digha for the students of classes 9 and 10. Now draft a notice for the students of your school inviting the students to go on this tour along with a countersigned by your headmaster.

Pretilata Girls’ High School, Howrah



An Excursion to Digha

The next educational tour of our school to Digha has been scheduled to begin on December 10th. The participants in the tour are asked to assemble at the school premises at 2:00 PM on December 10th. They must bring their own kids containing their clothing, woolen blankets, mugs, toilet articles, torchlights, air pillows, and any other articles of their daily use. The excursion team is expected to return home at 10:00 AM on 15th December. The participants will have to take food at roadside hotels and dhabas. So, they must get themselves inoculated and bring inoculation certificates with them. The willing participants also have to submit a no-objection certificate from their respective parents to the undersigned on or before 5th December.

Sanjeev Maity
School Committee
Pretilata Girls’ High School

Tree Plantation Programme

Q.5.Write a notice requesting the students to participate in the tree plantation program in your school.

Vivekananda High School, Belure



Tree plantation program

All the students of our school are hereby informed that our school is going to observe a tree plantation program on 5th June. We all know that trees are very important to our existence. But nowadays we observe that many careless people are cutting down trees mercilessly. But they do not plant any trees. The increasing population and cutting of trees mercilessly disturb the ecological balance on earth. So, it is very important for all of us to plant trees more and more we can. So, all the students of our school are hereby requested to participate in this program. In this program, we will plant more trees in different empty areas and also make people aware of the importance of trees.

So, the willing participants are asked to assemble on our school premises at 8 AM on 5th June. All the teachers of our school will also be present and our headmaster will conduct the program.

Manali Ray
Students Clutural Committee

Farewell Meeting of a Retired Teacher

Q.6. Suppose a teacher at your school is going to retire very soon. Now write a notice as the secretary of the cultural committee informing the students of a farewell meeting in his honor.

Nabanita Girls’ High School, Murshidabad



Farewell meeting of retired teacher

All the students offer school is hereby informed that Mr. Sanjay Sinha, one of the best teachers in our school is going to retire from his service life on 6th August 2020. It is a very sad day for all of us that he will not come to school and teach mathematics. The student’s cultural committee has decided to arrange a farewell meeting to make him honor on 6th August 2020 at 4:00 PM in our school assembly Hall. So all the students are hereby asked to participate in this program to make him honored for what he has done for all of us. We have also arranged a small cultural program in his honor on that day so the students are also requested to submit the names who are willing to take part in this cultural program in his honor. For more details please contact the undersigned.

Monali Ray
Cultural Committee
Nabanita Girls’ High School

Blood Donation Camp

Q. 7. Your club has arranged a blood donation camp under the supervision of an eminent doctor. As secretary of your club writes a notice for the public.

Noakhali Sporting Club, Noakhali



Blood Donation Camp

It is hereby notified to the people of Noakhali and adjoining areas that a blood donation camp will be held on the club premises on 10th July in aid of the poor patients who cannot afford to buy blood. Doctor B.C. Debnath and MBBS will conduct the donation program. The blood donation will begin at 10:00 AM and will continue till 3:00 PM. The locals are requested to donate blood in a mass to make the program successful stop the donor should be between 18 and 50. The agent in 4 men alive will not be allowed to donate blood. Please remember that blood donation is a social service, and we should spontaneously perform this noble task.

Ajoy Sheet
Noakhali Sporting Club

Raising Fund for Flood Victims

Q.8. Suppose you are the secretary of the student’s welfare committee. Now draft a notice to raise funds for the flood victims in a certain area in West Bengal.

Anantakumar High School, Ghatal



Raising a fund for flood victims in Ghatal

It is hereby notified to the students of our school that we want to raise funds from them to help the flood-affected people in Ghatal. So the students are requested to contribute to the fund generously. They can make the contribution in cash or kind (clothes food and other necessaries). They would deposit their contributions to the undersigned in the school by the 15th instant so that they can be sent to the flood victims when help is most needed. Let it be noted that no contribution will be accepted after the 15th.

Avik Maity
student’s welfare committee

Health Check-Up Camp

Q.9. Suppose you are the general secretary of your school’s student committee. A major health check-up camp will be held. Now write a notice asking students to participate in the Cam to check up on their health.

Biswari Boys’ High School, Asansol



Health Check-up Camp

We are pleased to announce that a health check-up Camp will be held in our school. The camp will be held for two days on the 15th and 16th of September from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Under the overall supervision of doctor AK Roy, a famous general physician (MBBS). He will be assisted by a team of specialized doctors and trained nurses. The camp will be fully equipped to handle various types of cases. The treatment and medicines would be free of any charge. So, all the students of our school are requested to participate in the health check-up Camp for their health and to enlist their names class-wise to the underside on or before the 10th instant.

Suman Ghorai
Students Committee

Magic Show

Q. 10. You are the cultural secretary of the student committee of your school. Your school is going to organize a Magic show. Now write a notice for the students informing them about the event and included the date-time place under show, the charge of each coupon, how to get coupons, and request to maintain discipline.

Uttar Mechogram High School, Purba Medinipur



Magic Show

The students are notified that our school has arranged magic so by PC Sarkar Junior, a magician of international repute. The show will be shown in the Assembly Hall of the school at 2:00 PM on the 15th of July. The students willing to attend also will have to buy each a coupon for Rs 10/-. The coupons will be sold by the undersigned at the school’s common room between 12:00 AM and 2 4:00 PM from Monday to Friday. The students are requested to maintain discipline during the show in the interest of the good name of the school.

Salini Mahato
Cultural Secretary
Students Committee
Uttar Mechogram High School