Class 11 Notice Writing Format Types and Examples

Class 11 Notice Writing Format Types and Examples are crucial for class 11 educational curricula to enhance students’ communication abilities. In Class 11, students are introduced to the basics of notice writing to prepare them for real-world scenarios. Explore the essential Class 11 Notice Writing Format Types and Examples to enhance skills with detailed types and practical illustrations.

Notice Writing for Class 11

Notice Writing for Class 11 is a crucial part of the 11th class English syllabus and Exam. A notice is a type of written form that is issued to draw the attention of the people concerned to certain facts that have happened or are going to happen or to be canceled or postponed.

Points to note for Notice Writing For Class 11

The following points are to be noted while writing a notice for Class 11.

  • In general, notices are short, straightforward, and to the point.
  • They follow a specific format that includes a heading, date, content, and signature.
  • The style of writing in notices is formal and objective.
  • The language used is simple and clear, making it easy for the target audience to understand the message being conveyed.

Format of Notice Writing for Class 11

The following format will assist you with Notice writing for class 11 in a well-arranged, precise, and simple way. Learn the essential format of Notice writing for class 11 from the pictographic example below.

Format of Notice Writing For Class 11

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Types of Notice Writing for Class 11

Notices can be used for a variety of purposes, such as announcing events, informing people of changes, or providing information about services or facilities. So, the types of Notice Writing for class 11 are given below.

  1. School Notice
  2. College Notice
  3. Club Notice
  4. Society Notice
  5. Public Notice

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Examples of Notice Writing for Class 11

The following examples of Notice Writing for Class 11 are provided Type-wise. Check them out and master the art of writing Notices today!

1. School Notice Writing Class 11

One-day blood donation camp

A. Write a notice for the school notice board inviting volunteers for a one-day blood donation camp to be organized in your school.

Jodhpur Boys High School



(Blood Donation Camp)

In response to the request by the local health authorities as well as the citizens’ committee of the town the social sub-committee has decided to organize a one-day blood donation camp within the school premises on 15th May. Class representatives have been instructed to hold meetings in their respective classes in this regard. By conducting the meetings they should make their fellow students aware of the importance of donating blood to help those who are in emergency need of it. Students are willing to come forward as blood donors are requested to submit their names health certificates from their family physicians and letter of consent from the Guardian to their class representatives. The class representative should forward the names to the undersigned as early as possible.

Suresh Mahato
Social Sub-Committee
Jodhpur Boys High School

Inter-school drama competition.

B. You are the drama salary offered to the school. You have been asked to inform students of classes XI and 12 about the coming Inter school drama competition. Draft notice for the school notice board.

Ujwala Devi High School



(Inter-School drama Competition)

An Inter-school drama competition is going to be organized by the Lions club Salt Lake on 20 June 2020 onwards at the science city auditorium. Students having acting skills and an interest in art are invited to come to the auditorium for an audition on 25th May 2020. All interested and willing students are requested to submit their names to their respective class teachers or to the undersigned by 20th May 2020.

Soheli Das
Social Sub-Committee

Publication of the Annual Report

C. As the headmaster of your school drafts a notice announcing the publication of the annual report and invite students with their guardians to be present and receive the report personally.

Kontai High School

2nd April 2020


(Publication of Final Report Card)

It is hereby notified that the final result of all the classes will be handed over to the guardians on 15th April 2020. No students will be allowed to enter the school premises because of this pandemic situation. All the guardians are requested to maintain a safe distance and also wear masks. The guardian’s parents are requested to be present on the school premises by 10:00 AM on the scheduled date.

Mr. K. Samanta
Kontai High School

Lost Book

D. You have lost a book that you borrowed from your school library. Write a notice to the school notice board giving relevant facts about the missing volume and requesting the Finder of the book to restore it to you.

Suprobha Devi High School



(Loss of a Library Book)

The following fact is brought to the notice of all belonging to this school especially the students of class 11. The volume English textbook he left by me on a desk in room number 15 on 15th June before I left the school. It is small in size bound in green cloth with the title and author’s name printed in Golden ink on the front cover. I borrowed this volume recently from the library. Hey, the phrase and bright loop of the book would suggest that it was recently accessed by the library. The stamp of the school library with access on date appears on the title page and on a number of pages inside the full story anybody coming across the book please return it either to the undersigned or to the librarian of the school Mr. Mahadev Patra without delay.

Maitra Das
Class – XI(A)
Suprobha Devi High School

2. College Notice Writing Examples for Class 11

Low Attendances

A. As the principal of your college write a notice for the college notice board reminding students that action should be taken against students with low attendance.

Harihar College




As per the University regulation, a 75% minimum attendance is required for being eligible for taking the University examination. In view of a new reminder received from the office of the controller of examinations at Vidyanagar University that from now on student failing to attend at least 75% of the classes held must be disqualified as an examinee and is not to be allowed to fill the examination form. The students of the college were reminded that restrictive measures should be taken against those who fail to attend classes regularly.

Mr. R Sharma
Harihar College

College Magazine

B. Consider yourself the editor of your college magazine. Draft a notice inviting contributions to the forthcoming issues of the magazine in the form of essays short stories travel accounts and poems.

Pravash College



(College Magazine)

The undersigned is glad to announce that as every year the college magazine is going to be published this year immediately before the coming poojas. Students belonging to all classes are invited to send in their contributions mean for publication in the magazine in the form of Essays short stories travel accounts and poems or any other interesting library type to the undersigned by 15th August 2020. Prose pieces should be restricted to about 3000 words and poems should not exceed a page in printed form. In the matter of the selection of the pieces for publication, the decision of the magazine committee will be final.

Samir Patra
College Magazine Committee

Restrictions on the Use of Cell Phones.

C. Write a notice for the college notice board placing restrictions on the use of cell phones.

Hat para College
Shyam Bazar



(Restriction on Cell Phones )

The management of the Institute has come to the decision that students cannot be allowed to use cell phones on the college premises. Contacting outsiders through cell phones during college hours and within the college, premises has been prohibited with immediate effect in view of a number of unpleasant incidences. Disciplinary measures should be taken by the authorities if any student is found going against the rule after this notification.

Mr. K, Acharya
Hat para College

3. Club Notice Examples for Class 11

Polio Immunization Drive

A. Suppose you are the Secretary Sabuj sangha club. You are organizing a polio immunization drive under the auspicious of the Rotary Club. Draft a notice encouraging the members of your club to make the driver successful.

Sabuj Sangha Club



(Polio Immunisation Drive)

Polio is a dangerous disease that leaves the victim crippled for life. Once contracted it causes prolonged suffering and its treatment are expensive and a long process. Negligence in administering polio vaccine to infants is a crime on the part of their parents that can never be pardoned. To make everybody aware of beach battle facts a club with all necessary help from the Rotary Club of Midnapore is arranging a pulse polio vaccine drive in the club premises on the 25th of December from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Members of the club are requested to convince the local parents so that they get their infant children vaccinated. They should also be made aware of the risk of neglecting their responsibility.

Sounak Dam
Sabuj Sangha Club

Fund Donations for Flood Victims

B. You are the executive secretary of the Saghashree social club. Your society wants to raise funds for donations for the relief of the victims of recent floods in a number of districts of West Bengal. Write a notice appealing for contributions to the proposed fund.

Saghashree Social Club



(Raising Fund for Flood Victims)

The recent floods in a number of districts of the state have made many villagers homeless. Design fortunate people have been compelled to leave their homes. Many of them have to leave under the open Sky or have taken shelter in school buildings and in spots where food and water have not been reached. They desperately need 10s food and medicines for their survival. In the past, our club has stood by people in similar conditions. This time also we have decided to raise funds to provide at least the minimum relief to these victims of natural calamity. We have been authorized by the administration to raise funds for this Noble cause. We will be pleased to hand it over to the Relief Fund maintained by state authorities.

Our sincere Apple 2 all need to contribute to the fund generously to make the drive a success. All contributions in cash and kind are to be made to the undersigned against official receipt within a fortnight of publication of this notice.

Sounak Das
Saghashree Social Club

Saraswathi Puja

C. The Saraswathi puja will be celebrated as usual in your club but this time you also propose to hold a cultural function. Write a notice for the club notice board informing the members of the necessary details.

Volcan Club

25th January 2020


(Saraswathi Puja)

Saraswathi puja will be celebrated by our club on 15th February 2020. This year our club also has made arrangements for providing lunch and holding a cultural function in the evening. The function will start at 7:00 PM and will include songs recitations and a dance drama. all the members of our club and the independence of our area are cordially invited to take part in this program and to make it a success.

Anindyo Roy
Volcan Club

4. Society Notice Writing Examples for Class 11

A. Consider yourself to be the secretary of an organization looking after the homeless orphans of your locality. Write a notice appealing to the citizens for contributions to raise funds for the upkeep of your organization.

Medinipur Orphanage Club
Purba Medinipur

25th January 2020


(contributions for upkeep )

As the secondary of the Medinipur Orphanage the undersign wants to make the following appeal to the Noble hearted and philanthropic members of the society. For more than the last 2 decades, the orphanage has been providing food and shelter to 2 groups of orphans who otherwise would have perished in ditch travel time. In addition to providing their food and shelter, the organization also arranges for their primary education and some useful vocational training. Needless to say in these hard days the upkeep of such an institution requires a regular flow of money. The generous and philanthropic citizens of this city have always responded generously to our appeal for help in the past. This notice to happen to them once more to contribute generously so that is very important social work undertaken by the orphanage is not jeopardized for want of resources.

Sounak Samanta
Medinipur Orphanage Club

5. Public Notice Writing for Class 11

Garbage Cleaning

A. Imagine yourself as the local councilor of the municipality of your town. Right and notice to the displayed at various public places cautioning the residents of the locality against dumping garbage and other kinds of refuse indiscriminately on the roads and onto the drains instead of using dustbins in other places provided for the purpose.

K M D Ward No 33


(prohibition of dumping garbage in public places)

Residents of Ward number 33 of this town are hereby notified that for the last few months, complaints have been reaching this office that some streets lanes and by-lanes of the area are being indiscriminately littered with domestic garbage and other dirty things. Search nuisance is committed even though dustbins and garbage containers are placed at each street corner. Rajani Canon’s civic practice of liter in public thoroughfares with dirty and soiled refuge pollutes the air and makes the streets and usable. As the councilor representing the ward, I request all residents of the area to stop this ugly practice immediately. Written complaints to the undersigned against anyone found practicing in this ugly would be welcome. In case this notice is ignored municipal authorities may have to take more stringent steps to stop the unhealthy habit.

Samir Dasgupta
Ward No 33