Class 7 Do as Directed Solution Key

Class 7 Do as Directed Solution Key has been provided for self-check answers to the do as directed questions are given.

Answers Set 1

Do as Directed

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1. A song is sung by her.

2. He says that he is not well.

3. Look at the dancing bird.

4. The girl likes to draw pictures.

5. Amit is taller than any other boy in the class.

Answers Set 2

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Do as Directed

1. The children are playing in the field.

2. May I leave the room? I want to drink water.

3. You are requested to do the work.

4. A sleeping fox catches no poultry.

5. She agreed to my idea

Answers Set 3

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Do as Directed

1. Ishant Sharma is taller than any other cricketer in India.

2. Worse

3. had left

4. Shouldn’t

5. He told me that his brother was working with his brother.

Answers Set 4

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Do as Directed

1. Was

2. Rajat was not helping us.

3. Your suggestion will be taken by me.

4. Hindu school is one of the best schools in Kolkata.

5. He is not a bad boy.

Answers Set 5

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Do as Directed

1. Do

2. The boy who has won the first prize lives next door.

3. In

4. He wrote the book himself.

5. worse

Answers Set 6

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Do as Directed

1. Unfortunate

2. Rajat can read English and Hindi.

3. Has been rining

4. He is known to me.

5. My friend said that he would visit me.

Answers Set 7

Check Question Set 7

Do as Directed

1. Rarely – adverb of frequency

2. May

3. For

4. People speak English all over the world.

5. No other book is as easy as this to read.

Answers Set 8

Check Question Set 8

Do as Directed

1. No other sauce is as good as hunger.

2. He was intelligent enough to solve the problem.

3. Their

4. Interesting

5. We are rather late, let us hurry

Answers Set 9

Check Question Set 9

Do as Directed

1. Who has come here?

2. You may leave now.

3. Carefully

4. Therefore – adverb

5. By whom is it known?

Answers Set 10

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Do as Directed

1. Anybody

2. Timir asked the girl how old she was.

3. The exercise is too easy.

4. Why was the game spoilt by you?

5. Library