Social Science Sample Paper for Class 10 2023-2024

Sample Paper Social Science for Class 10 2023-2024 has recently been published to give an outline to the students of Class 10. Students will get benefit from the Social Science Sample Paper for Class 10 2023-2024 to decide their lesson plan for Social Science preparation.

CBSE Social Science Sample Paper for Class 10 2023-2024 Question Types

Question Types of Social Science for class 10 2023-2024 are as follows and that is also published on the Official CBSE site.

1. The question paper comprises Six Sections – A, B, C, D, E and F. There are 37 questions
in the Question paper. All questions are compulsory.

2. Section A – From questions 1 to 20 are MCQs of 1 mark each.

3. Section B – Question no. 21 to 24 are Very Short Answer Type Questions, carrying 2 marks
each. Answer to each question should not exceed 40 words.

4. Section C contains Q.25to Q.29 are Short Answer Type Questions, carrying 3 marks each.
Answer to each question should not exceed 60 words

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5. Section D – Question no. 30 to 33 are long answer type questions, carrying 5 marks each.
Answer to each question should not exceed 120 words.

6. Section-E – Questions no from 34 to 36 are case based questions with three sub questions
and are of 4 marks each. Answer to each question should not exceed 100 words.

7. Section F – Question no. 37 is map based, carrying 5 marks with two parts, 37a from History
(2 marks) and 37b from Geography (3 marks).

8. There is no overall choice in the question paper. However, an internal choice has been
provided in few questions. Only one of the choices in such questions have to be attempted.

9. In addition to this, separate instructions are given with each section and question, wherever

Social Science Sample Paper for Class 10 2023-2024, CBSE

Sample Question Paper

Social Science (Code 087)


Time Allowed: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 80


MCQs (1X20=20)

1. Identify the correct option that describes the act given below.

i. The Act was passed by the Imperial Legislative Council.
ii. It gave power to the government to repress political activities.
iii. It empowered the government to detain political prisoners without trial.


a. Rowlatt Act
b. Vernacular Press Act
c. Government of India Act
d. Inland Emigration Act

2. Which place in India has an artificial lake to conserve water that dates to 11th century?

a. Delhi
b. Bhopal
c. Mumbai
d. Kolhapur

3. Read the data given below and answer the question.

Educational Achievement of Rural Population of Uttar Pradesh

Literacy rate for the rural population76%54%
Literacy rate for rural children in the age group 10-14 years90%87%
Percentage of rural children aged 10-14 attending school85%82%

As per the data given above who has the least percentage of literacy rate in rural population?

a. Male
b. Children
c. Male& Female
d. Female

4. Which of the following options represent potential measures that can be taken to mitigate the threats posed to the tiger population and biodiversity?

i. Banning hunting, giving legal protection to their habitats, and restricting trade in wildlife
ii. Prohibiting the visit of the public into the forest area.
iii. Establishing wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks
iv. Converting forests into Reserved and Protected forests


a. Statement i and ii are correct.
b. Statement ii, iii & iv are correct
c. Statement ii is correct.
d. Statement (i), (iii) & (iv) are correct.

5. When many countries of Europe came together to form the European Union,
___ was chosen as its headquarters.

a. Brussels
b. Paris
c. London
d. Zurich

6. Which of the following statements accurately distinguishes between Majoritarianism and Power sharing?

a.Majoritarianism emphasizes the dominance of the majority community, while Power sharing emphasizes the sharing of power among different groups.
b.Majoritarianism emphasizes the need for consensus building, while Power sharing emphasizes the exclusion of minority groups.
c.Majoritarianism emphasizes the importance of accommodating minority interests, while Power sharing emphasizes the need for majority rule.
d.Majoritarianism emphasizes the need for peaceful resolution of conflicts,

7. While Power sharing emphasizes the use of force to impose the majority’s will.
There are two statements marked as Assertion (A) and Reason (R). Mark your answer as per the codes provided below:

Assertion (A): Democracies are based on political equality
Reason(R): All individuals have equal say in electing representatives.

a. Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)
b. Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
c. (A) is correct but (R) is wrong
d. (A) is wrong but (R) is correct

8. Rahul has a sack of cotton but he is in need of wheat and Anush has a sack of wheat and is in need of cotton, under this situation both will be able to exchange their goods. In case of absence of such coincidence of wants, they may not exchange their goods.

Which one of the following would be the best option that describes the mutual exchange of goods and eliminate the exchange of goods?


a. Double coincidence of want, Exchanging commodity for commodity.
b. Double Coincidence of want, Credit on Commodity
c. Double coincidence of want, Loan on commodity.
d. Double coincidence of want, Money

9. You are a citizen of a country that has a democratic form of government. You want to ensure that the system of power-sharing in your country is effective and that no one branch of government has absolute power.
Which of the following measures would best meet this goal?

a. All power is concentrated in the hands of the legislature only.
b. Power is divided between the central government and the states or provinces, with each level having its own sphere of influence.
c. Power is separated among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, with each branch having its own responsibilities and powers.
d. Power is shared among different levels of government, such as the national, regional, and local governments, with each level having some degree of autonomy.

10. Identify the painting from the options given below.

a. Frankfurt Parliament
b. Reichstag
c. Duma
d. The House of Parliament

11. Evaluate the impacts of opening foreign trade on the global economy by identifying the appropriate statements among the following options:

i.The choice of goods in the markets increase. 1
ii.Producers from two countries closely compete against each other despite the distance between their locations.
iii.Foreign trade thus results in connecting the markets or integration of markets in different countries.
iv.The quality of the product is always good.


a. Statements i and ii are appropriate.
b. Statements i, ii and iii are appropriate.
c. All the statements are appropriate.
d. Only statement iv is appropriate.

12. Choose the correction option to complete the statement.
If a government provides its citizens a right and means to examine the process of decision, it is .
a. An accountable government.
b. A responsible government.
c. A transparent government.
d. A stable government. 1

13. Arrange the following statements in sequential order based on the events that shaped the Non-cooperation movement.

i. General Dyer opened fire at the large crowd gathered in the enclosed ground of Jallianwala Bagh.
ii. “Forced recruitment” carried out by the British government and the economic hardships faced by the people during the first world war.
iii. The defeat of the Ottoman Emperor of Turkey led to the formation of the Khilafat movement.
iv. Gandhiji launched a nationwide satyagraha against the Rowlatt act.


a. iv, iii, ii, i
b. ii, i, iv,iii
c. i, iv, iii, ii
d. i, ii, iii, iv

14. If there is a disruption by transporters and lorries refuse to transport vegetables, milk, etc. from rural areas to urban areas, food will become scarce in urban areas, whereas farmers will be unable to sell their products. Which of the following sectors will be affected due to this situation stated above?

a. Primary and Secondary
b. Secondary and Tertiary
c. Tertiary, Primary and Secondary
d. Tertiary and Primary. 1

15. Consider the statements given below and choose the correct answer Statement I: Western printing techniques and mechanical press were imported in
the late 19th Century as western powers established their outposts in China. Statement II: Beijing became the hub of the new print culture, catering to western- style schools.

a. Statement (i) is correct and (ii) is incorrect.
b. Statement (i) is incorrect and (ii) is correct
c. Both (i) & (ii) are incorrect
d. Both (i) & (ii) are correct

16. “M” gave his friend clues about a type of soil that suits for growing cotton. Which of the following clues provided by “M” would be most useful in identifying the ideal type of soil?

i. It is well-known for its capacity to hold moisture.
ii. It turns yellow when it is hydrated.
iii. It is rich in kankur and bhangar nodules.
iv. It is a well-drained loamy soil.

a. Clue i
b. Clue i and iii
c. Clue i and ii
d. Clue iv

17. Choose the right option to fill in the blank.

The emergence of is directly connected to the rise of political parties.

a. Monitory democracies
b. Direct democracies
c. Representative democracies
d. Constitutional democracies

18. The process of integration between different countries is called as

a. Privatization
b. Globalization
c. Liberalization
d. Competition

19. Which of the following statements Is correct keeping the requirement of formation of government in view.

Statement i: It is possible for independent candidates to form a government.
Statement ii: Government formation is exclusively reserved for political parties.
Statement iii: The formation of government is limited to only elected political parties.
Statement iv: Government can only be formed by political parties that are elected and hold a majority.


a. Statement i and ii are right.
b. Statement i, ii and iii are right.
c. Statement iii is right.
d. Only statement iv is right.

20. Miss “S” approached a bank nearby to avail loan for her own business, as well as a Self-help group which is operating in her village, the bank rejected her loan application whereas the Self-help group accepted to support her by providing the loan.
Which one of the following documents is required by the bank, but not required by the self-help group to approve Miss “S’s” loan application for her business?

a. Application for loans.
b. Arrangement Letter.
c. Document on Collateral.
d. Demand promissory note and take delivery letter.



21. Q: Study the map thoroughly and mention the languages that are dominantly present in Belgium.

For Visually impaired students in lieu of the above question.
Q: Mention the languages that are dominantly present in Belgium;

22. (A): “The most powerful weapon of the Spanish conqueror was not a
conventional military weapon at all.” Justify the above statement by giving two reasons. 2


(B) :“Traders and travelers introduced new crops to lands they travelled. “Substantiate this statement with illustrations.

23. Mr. Palani is from Tamil Nādu, wishes to cultivate either Tea or Wheat. Which
one of the crops out of the two can he cultivate in his state? Substantiate your answer with any two reasons.

24. Mention any two reasons to state that India is a federal country.



25. Provide evidence to support the claim that print culture had a significant impact on the social lives of women in India?

26. (A); A worker in an urban area, who was working in a small factory, was not paid his wages properly, he was forced to work extra hours under poor working conditions, there was no job security, recently he lost his job and was found selling electrical items in a pushcart.
Analyze the role of the government in protecting the workers working in an Unorganized sector.


(B): Mr Pawan, a village head wanted to create more job opportunities to increase the income of the people of his village under MNREGA act, Suggest any three activities, so that Mr Pawan could initiate in his village.

27. “Agriculture gives boost to the industrial sector’. Justify the statement with
any three relevant points.

28. The Indian constitution provides three lists to distribute the legislative power. State any two subjects that are included in the union list. In which list the subject “Education” is included and why?

29. Compare Tables “A” & “B” and answer the question given below.

Table- A

Share of Sectors in GDP in %


Table -B

Share of sectors in employment in %


A remarkable fact about India is that while there has been a change in the share of the three sectors in GDP, a similar shift has not taken place in employment. Why didn’t a similar shift out of primary sector happen in case of employment? Substantiate your answer.

Note: The following question is for Visually Impaired Candidates only in lieu of Q. No29

Q. Tertiary sector activities help in the development of Primary and Secondary sectors. Substantiate your answer.



30. (A): Analyze the impact of mining activities on the local environment and the health of the surrounding communities.


(B): “Non-conventional resources are the best option to conserve the natural resources” Substantiate this statement with Examples.

31(A): How would you evaluate Napoleon as an administrator who created a more rational and efficient system? Elucidate with suitable examples.


(B): Analyze the decisions taken by the conservatives at the Congress of Vienna in the year 1815.

32(A): Analyse the role of a multiparty system in a democratic country like India.


(B): Evaluate the differences between the national and regional parties and assess the requirements for a regional party to become a national party.

33. (A): A farmer has borrowed money from a money lender at a high rate of interest, as he could not pay the interest, he was forced to borrow from another landlord to settle the amount for the interest borrowed to the money lender. State the consequences he may face in this situation.


(B): “Self –help groups eliminates poverty and empowers women”. Substantiate with suitable answer.

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