Active Passive Voice Optative Sentences Rules and Examples

Active Passive Voice of Optative sentences is an important topic in English Grammar. We find Active Passive Voice of Optative sentences in different board exams and competitive exams as well. This article provides the process of how to convert the active voice to the passive voice of optative sentences.

What is an Optative Sentence?

When a sentence refers to ‘wish’, ‘desire’, or ‘bless’, it can perform as an optative sentence. For Example,

  • May God bless you.
  • May you prosper in life.

Optative Sentence begins with the word, ‘May’ and expresses wish, desire, etc.

Active Passive Voice of Optative Sentences Rules

Passive Voice Optative Sentence Structure is as follows.

May + Subject + be + Verb (past-participle form) + by + Object.

Example Active Passive Voice of Optative sentence

Active VoiceMay SubjectMain VerbObject
May God bless you.MayGodblessyou.

  • Active voice object becomes passive voice subject.
  • Active voice subject becomes passive voice object.

Passive VoiceMaySubjectbeVerb (past-participle form) byObject.
May you be blessed by God.MayyoubeblessedbyGod

Active Passive Voice of Optative sentences Rules

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More Example Active Passive Voice of Optative sentence

      Active Voice     Passive Voice
May God grant you a long life.May you be granted a long life by God.
May God bless you.May you be blessed by God.
May India win the test series.May the test series be won by India.
May they begin life from the beginning.May life from the beginning be begun by them.
May we maintain the system.May the systems be maintained by us.


Change the following sentences into passive voice

1. May you get good marks.
2. May they win the game.
3. May she get strength.
4. May You finish the job.
5. May God make yuou well.
6. May you pass the test.
7. May he earn lot of money.