Interrogative Pronouns: Definition, Usage, Examples

Interrogative Pronouns: Definition, usage Examples are important parts of pronouns and they are discussed below.

Interrogative Pronouns

An interrogative pronoun is one which asks a question. Generally, whowhich, whatwhose, and whom are called interrogative Pronouns:


(1) who are you?

(2) Whom do you want?

(3) Whose book is that?

(4) Which of these boys will win the price?

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Definition, usage Examples of Interrogative Pronouns

Different use of  Who  Which  What.

(a) Who is applied to persons and is indefinitewho goes there?

(b) Which is applied to both persons and things and refers to one out of a groupWhich of these boys will win the prize?

(c) What is applied to things and persons’ profession: 

  • What is your father?

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Difference of “ Who is he ?”, “What is he ?”, “Which is he ?”

“ Who is he ?”  – Here who inquires about the name or parentage of some persons that has been named. The answer should be of the form he is Babulal, my friend.

 “What is he ?”, here what inquires about the profession or social status. The answer should be of the form he is a doctor.

 “Which is he ?” Here which inquirers about some particular person out of a definite group of persons. The answer should be of the form he’s the man with a black shirt.

( e) The interrogative is often used in exclamation in the sense of how great :

(1) What folly!

(2) what a clever boy you are!

(3) what a man he is!