Class 9 Transformation of Sentences Worksheets with Answers

Class 9 Transformation of Sentences worksheets are a fundamental aspect of English grammar education. These exercises help students grasp the art of sentence transformation, a skill that is crucial for effective communication.

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In this article, we will explore various types of transformation exercises and provide answers to help you understand the process.

Class 9 Transformation of Sentences Worksheets

Unlock the secrets of Class 9 Transformation of Sentences Worksheets and enhance your English grammar skills.

Class 9 Transformation of Sentences: Simple to Complex

By using the Adverbial Clause

1.  He is too short to reach the fruit of the tree.

2. The boy was too small to reach up to the branches of the tree.

3. The poem is too simple to need an explanation.

4. You must avoid smoking to live longer.

5.  I shall go with your permission.

6. The unseen agony of a tree makes us indifferent.

7.  You cannot enter the auditorium without permission.

8.  in spite of being a child he is mature.

9. She speaks too fast to be understood.

10. He is insincere to pass the examination.

11. Talking brought me here.

12.  He worked hard to win a prize.

13.  In spite of being poor, he is happy.

14.  Swami sat down, feeling sad.

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By using the Adjective Clause

1. The boy wrote the answer incorrectly.

2.  A wounded man came running.

3. A burnt child dreads the fire.

4.  Lost time can not be gained.

5. The tourists from Delhi wanted to visit Darjeeling.

6. This is a mango tree.

7. I am already 35, a critical age so to speak.

8. Mr Harrison was at the top of the veranda steps, standing behind the potted palms.

9. A dead man tells no tales,

By using the Noun Clause

1. I am sure of his success.

2. Tell her the incident.

3. His statement is true.

4. I know my duties.

5.  Listen to your teacher.

6. Thinking always made him sleepy.

7. Naturally, the cat does not like to leave his country.

8.  I can prove this.

9. I know my duties.

Class 9 Transformation of Sentences: Complex to Simple

By changing the Adverbial Clause

1. He is so proud that he will not apologize for his mistake.

2.  He was sorry that he was late.

3. The boy was so small that he could not reach up to the branches of the tree.

4.  When Bapu passed away, I felt the magic circle had vanished.

5.  I am so tired that I will fall asleep if I lie down.

6. The people were so stunned that they could not speak in the beginning.

7. As I was ill, I could not go to school.

8. He finished first, though he began late.

9. It was so late that I could not attend the class.

10. I am not sure how it happened.

11. Jeet is so stubborn that he never listens to anyone.

12. Though he is ill he will come.

13. He succeeded in completing the assignments although he was ill.

14. I myself had suffered when I was young.

By changing the Noun Clause

1. Tell me what your name is.

2. She was sorry that she was late.

3.  It was obvious that he had some defect of speech.

4. There is no doubt that Rabindranath is a versatile genius.

By changing the Adjective Clause

1. The horses, which come from Arabia, are much in demand.

Class 9 Transformation of Sentences: Simple to Compound and vice versa

1. The guest stoops down and strokes the cat.

2. He made several efforts but he failed.

3. The wind was glorious and it soared.

4. Do or die.

5. Snigdha is not only wise but also brave.

Class 9 Transformation of Sentences: Compound to complex and Vice Versa

1. She offered me tea but I asked for a glass of water.

2. One word more and I will turn you out.

3. She was poor but honest.

4. Bapu had passed away but his India would continue to live in his children.

5. Love me or leave me.

6. Stay or suffer.

7. The boy appeared calm, but his heart was beating wildly.

8. He surveyed the compartment and noticed the unoccupied berth.

9. Loaf about less on Sundays and you will be without a headache on Monda

10. The sky was overcast but it did not rain.

Class 9 Transformation of Sentences: Affirmative to Negative and Vice Versa

1. As soon as he reached the station, the train left.

2. The people were too stunned to speak in the beginning.

3. They did not make a sound.

5. I must go down to the seas again.

6. He fled when he saw her.

7.  None will deny that he is honest.

8.  It was the darkest evening of the year.

9. Everyone must submit to destiny.

10. The guilty will be punished.

11.  I did not do the work.

12. She is always happy.

13. The cat cares little for anything but mice and milk.

14.  Nothing of the building remains except its foundations.

15. He was a poet as well as a mathematician.

16. And I did not think it necessary.

17.  He tried every method.

18. You alone can help me.

19. It required no vehicle except his own body and cost him nothing but his energy,

20. Only graduates can apply.

21. You do not know Rajib.

22. Everybody will admit it.

23. Every mother loves her child.

24. He heard the news and fainted.

25. None can escape his death.

26.  Everyone will agree that Hari studies hard.

Class 9 Transformation of Sentences: Statement to Questions and Vice Versa

1. Who does not love his parents?

2.  Who does not love his motherland?

3. Everybody on the mainland had relations.

4. Why cry over split milk?

5. There was nobody for us to play with.

6. Who does not love his parents?

7.  It was the very letter she had once written to her brother.

8. Was it because we lived on an island?

9. You have nothing to fear.

10. I was having tea at home on the evening of 30th January 1948, when I was called to Birla House by an urgent telephone,

11. I cannot carry a forest on my back.

12. Earth has not anything to show more fair.

13. We had to study the Vedas thrice a week.

14. The snail sticks close to grass, leaf or wall.

15. Shankha lives in Alipurduar.

16. There are 60 students in the class.

17. Who does not know Sachin Tendulkar?

18.  Who does not fear a tiger?

19.  They have gone to a picnic.

20.  I went to school yesterday.

21.  Can we ever forget our school days?

Class 9 Transformation of Sentences: Exclamatory to Statement and Vice Versa

1.  You are so cruel.

2. What a piece of art it is!

3. Good Evening Sir!

4. It is a matter of sadness that we have lost the game.

5.  What a shocking sight!

6.  What a prize!

7. Fie on a traitor!

Class 9 Worksheet 8:

1. Snigdha is not only wise but also brave.

2.  It is not necessary for you to come tomorrow. (Rewrite using ‘need’)

3. As soon as he saw the police, he ran away. (Begin with ‘hardly’)

4. A poet can not but be gay. (Rewrite using ‘help’)

5.  In spite of his honesty, he had to suffer. (Rewrite using ‘despite’)

6. If you do not come, I shall complain to the authority. (Rewrite using

7. Mend your shoes. (begin with ‘get’)

8. Though the meeting was illegal, it was attended by one thousand people. (Use ‘nonetheless’)

9. As soon as he left the house, I reached there. (Begin the sentence with ‘Hardly’…)

Class 9 Worksheet 8: Superlative Degree to Positive Degree

1. Sheetal is the fastest runner in the school.

2. Gold is one of the most precious metals.

3.  Md Habib was one of the richest men in Rangoon.

4. Monisha is the tallest girl in the class.

5. She is the oldest lady in the village.

6.  Darjeeling is the coldest place in West Bengal.

7. The Ganga is the longest river in India.

8. Shakespeare is one of the greatest dramatists in the world.

9. Iron is one of the most useful metals.

10. Virat Kohli is the best batsman in India now.

11.  Ritesh is the funniest character in our class.

12. He has gone the farthest of all.

13.  This is the biggest elephant.

14. Diamond is one of the most costly stones.

15.  He is the weakest man in this college.

16. Rabindranath is the greatest poet of India.

17. Swami went to school feeling he was the worst boy on earth.

18.  Kolkata is one of the oldest cities in India.

Class 9 Worksheet 9: Comparative Degree to Positive Degree

1. Amita is more intelligent than Sumita.

2. Sangeeta runs faster than any other girl in her class.

3. Swimming is more difficult than running.

4.  He knows you better than me.

5.  He can not play better than me.

6.  Proma is a better cook than Priya.

7.  Virat is better than most other cricketers in the world.

8.  Bipasha Knows me better than you.

Class 9 Worksheet 10: Superlative Degree to Comparative Degree

1. She is the best student in the class.

2.  He is the tallest boy in the class.

3.  St Paul’s Cathedral is the biggest church in our locality.

4. She is one of the most intelligent girls in the class.

5. He is the strongest man here.

6. Iron is one of the most useful metals.

7.  Teaching, no doubt, is one of the most lucrative vocations.

8. The elephant is the biggest animal on the land.

9. Virat Kohli is the best batsman in India now.

10. Rahul is not the best boy in the class.

11.  Rabindranath is the greatest poet of India.

Class 9 Worksheet 11: Positive Degree to Comparative Degree

1. Apple is not as sweet as mango.

2. They were just as stupid and unaccommodating as men.

3.  Cure is not so good as prevention.

4.  Usually Kolkata is not as crowded as it is during Durga Puja.

5.  Gold is not so cheap as silver.

6.  Babar was as strong as a lion.

7.  He is as ferocious as a tiger.

8. No other tree on the mountain was so high as it.

9. Some writers are as great as Manik Bandopadhyaya.

10. Very few girls are as tall as Jhulan.

11.  No other girl in the class can run as fast as Sweta.

12. You are not so small as I and not half so spry. (Use the comparative form of ‘small’ and rewrite the sentence).

Class 9 Worksheet 12: Positive Degree to Superlative Degree

1.  Very few boys are as good player as he.

2.  Very few metals are as useful as iron.

3. They were just as stupid and unaccommodating as men.

4.  Very few girls are as tall as Jhulan.

5. Usually Kolkata is not as crowded as it is during Durga Puja.

Class 9 Worksheet 13: Change in Parts of Speech ( Replacing Nouns)

1.  He is confident of his success.

2.  An ant is as intelligent as an elephant.

3. Claude and I never quarrelled.

4.  He turned out to be a meritorious man.

5.  It was a beautiful garden.

6.  Probably he will come by 7 am.

7. You are doubtless very big.

8.  The boys are proud of their school.

9. People always pitied us.

10.  Rusty hurriedly returned the smile.

11.  She died only after saying one word.

12.  He left the playground angrily.

Class 9 Worksheet 14: Change in Parts of Speech ( Replacing Verbs)

1. We should be proud of our family.

2.  He gave me a rude reply.

3. He rejected all our proposals.

4. He made a prompt answer.

Class 9 Worksheet 15: Change in Parts of Speech ( Replacing Adverbs)

1. She is a swift runner.

2. He is a quiet worker.

3.  I forced my way through the crowd.

Class 9 Worksheet 16: Change in Parts of Speech ( Replacing Adjectives)

1.  He looks keenly from side to side.

2.  Evidently he had made a mistake.

3.  He purrs noisily.

4. Caesar’s overbearing pride was the reason for his tragic fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary purpose of sentence transformation?

The primary purpose of sentence transformation is to teach students how to convey the same message using different grammatical structures.

How do I start practicing sentence transformation?

Begin with basic exercises and gradually progress to more complex transformations. Online resources and textbooks can provide ample practice material.

Are there any tricks to mastering sentence transformation?

Yes, there are several tricks and shortcuts for sentence transformation. For instance, changing active voice sentences to passive voice and vice versa can be an effective technique.

How do I improve my vocabulary while working on sentence transformation?

Read extensively to expand your vocabulary. The more words you know, the easier it is to transform sentences creatively.

How can I self-assess my progress in sentence transformation?

Regular self-assessment through practice tests and quizzes is a great way to gauge your improvement. You can also seek feedback from teachers or peers.

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