Class 10 English Grammar Online Test with Answers

Are you looking for a Class 10 English Grammar Online Test, then this article is for you. Class 10 English Grammar Online Test has been made ready for the grammatical preparation for class 10 including important questions. 

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F.M – 50  Time – 1 hr

Class 10 English Grammar: Article Preposition

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions.   [0.5×19=8.5]

1. Satyajit Ray put to rich and effective use _________ cinema his profound knowledge _________music, both Indian and Western. A man of varied interests, Ray has distinguished himself as _________ illustrator of books and as a writer of stories in Bengali for children.

2. _________ tigress captured in the Sundarbans _________ May 10 had to be brought to _________ Alipore Veterinary Hospital _________ treatment. 

3. I arrived at my cousin’s house  _________ the evening. It was freezing cold and we had  _________  early dinner in  _________ large room whose walls and ceiling were covered  _________ stuffed birds. 

4.  In India the first successful oil well was sunk _________ Borbhil, later known as Digboi, in Assam _________ 19 October 1889. _________ Digboi refinery is _________ oldest running refinery in the country. 

5. The test match at Eden Gardens between two rival teams, India and Pakistan, was _________ exciting one. There were ups and downs _________ the fortunes of the two teams. In the first innings, India’s total _________ 407 was almost overtaken  _________ Pakistan. 

Class 10 English Grammar: Verb Forms

Fill in the blanks with the proper form of verbs.   [0.5×15=7.5]

1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi ________ (has inaugurated / inaugu-rated /will inaugurated) Sikkim’s first ever airport at Pakyong. Prior to this airport, Sikkim was only state in India ________ (remains/remained/remaining) without functional airport. The airport ________ (spreading / is spread / spreads) over 201 acres and was constructed by Airport’s authority of India.

2. We ________  (expect / have expected /expected/had expected) him here yesterday. He ________  (has not come/ did not come / shall not come) till today. No one ________  (known/ knows / knew) his address.

3.  Seven dreaded terrorists ________ (have escaped / were escaping / are escaping) from Tihar Jail. They used a rope, ________ (have climbed / climbs / climbed) a fifteen foot high wall and ________ (were escaping/ escaped /have escaped) in a jeep.

4. Yoga ________ (help/helps/helped) to improve the quality of life of the drug users, ________ (said/says / had been said) a recent study ________ (conducted / conducts /has conducted) by the Delhi base AIMS.

5. Deepa Mallik ________(create/creating/created) history by winning a medal in paraolympics. Sikkim ________ (has recoded/ have recorded / having recorded) 100 percent in the category of people using toilets. We will ________ (play / playing /played) a football match tomorrow.

2. Thank you for your letter which I _______ (receive) last week. It was really good to hear from you. You said you _______ (meet) Anjan recently, but you did not say how he _______ (be). I _______ (be) in Kolkata for six weeks, and I am enjoying life here very much. I _______ (work) very hard since I arrived, but the job is interesting and everyone is very kind to me. 

3. Today India _______ (has been/ will be/ is) independent, but once India was under the British rule. The people of India did not _______ (like /liked/ likes) to remain in bondage. So some among them started _______ (organised /organising /to have organised) Revolt against the British Administration by collecting arms. The British rulers _______ (discover /would discover/ discovered) this and sent soldiers to _______ (seize/seized /seizing) the arms. The freedom-fighters _______ (putted/put/putting)up stiff resistance. 

Class 10 English Grammar: Do as Directed [1×25=25]

Do as Directed set 1:

1. The lockdown has affected many men. [Change the voice].

2. Mr. Smith blamed his luck for this trouble. [Replace the underlined word with a ‘noun’].

3. Water is more useful than any other drink. [Change into superlative degree].

4. I wish to translate his Bengali poems into English. [Use the noun form of the underlined word]

5. That you are drunk aggravates your offense. [Change into simple sentence]

Do as Directed set 2

1. People on the train sang ‘Bhajans’. [Change the voice]

2. Samuel said, “Swaminathan, where is your homework?’. [ Change into indirect speech

3. He put it in an envelope and sealed it [Turn into simple sentences]

4. The people were too stunned to speak in the beginning. [Rewrite the sentences using “ so … that”]

5. We should not show cruelty to animals. [ Rewrite the sentence using the adjective form of the underlined word]

Do as Directed set 3

1. Man is mortal. Nobody can deny it. [Make it complex]

2. She will be angry. I am afraid of that. [Join into noun clause]

3. I was numb with shock as I got into the car. [Split into two sentences]

4. Snigdha is not only wise but also brave. [Change into simple sentences]

5. The man carried a heavy load. [Change the voice]

Do as Directed set 4

1. “What have you written, Sachin?” the teacher said. [Change the mode of narration]

2. There is no smoke without fire. [Turn into a positive sentence]

3. We call the tiger our national animal. [ Change the voice]

4. My parents went to Shillong. It is a beautiful hill town. [ Join the sentences into a complex sentence]

5. He entered the school gate. An idea occurred to him. [ Make it complex]

Do as Directed set 5

1. The poem is too simple to need an explanation. [ Remove ‘too…to’]

2. His silence proves his innocence. [Rewrite the sentence using the adjective form of the underlined word]

3. Robert Bruce faced many failures. He did not stop trying. [ Join the sentences]

4. ‘Climb up! little boy.’ said the tree. [ Change the mode of narration]

5. I am sure of his success. [ Change into a complex sentence]

English Grammar Class 10: Phrasal Verbs [1×9=9]

Choose the correct phrasal verbs from the list given below to replace the words underlined. Write the correct phrasal verbs in the boxes on the right-hand side changing the form where necessary. There is one extra phrasal verb in the list.

1. By chance the boy found some old coins in the box.

2. We should reduce our expenses.

3. Save something for old age.

4. The burglar forcibly entered the house.

5. How can you tolerate such behavior?.

6. Covid-19 has spread out in the locality.

7. The government summoned the army to deal with the riots.

8. The drowning man was shouting for help.

9. Gandhi sacrificed his life for his motherland.

[ List: give up, call out, break into, call in, carry out, cut down, lay by, put up with, break out, turn down, rule out, come across ]