Conjunctions Class 5 English Grammar

Conjunctions Class 5 English Grammar has been prepared for learning English Grammar of Class 5 under CBSE, ICSE, and Other State boards as Lesson No 30. Class 5 students in their English Grammar learning process will get help from the Conjunctions Class 5 English Grammar to achieve better speaking and writing skills in English.

This Lesson 30, Conjunctions Class 5 English Grammar contains – Conjunction Definition, Some common prepositions, Kinds of Prepositions, and Difference Adverb and Preposition with a practice worksheet at the end for better knowledge for class 5.

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Definition: Conjunctions Class 5 English Grammar

A word that connects two or more words, or a sentence is called a conjunction.


  • for 
  • and 
  • nor
  • but 
  • or 
  • Yet
  • So

All the above words help to join words, phrases, or sentences. 


  • We have many dogs and cats. (connecting two words)
  • You can go to the hills or to the beach. (connecting two phrases)
  • It started raining, so we came back home. (connecting two sentences)

Meaning of Conjunctions:

1. For: meaning because


We went inside for it was raining.

2. And: meaning in addition to


We bought pencils, pens and erasers.

3. Nor: meaning and not


Roby does not eat peas nor does he eat carrots.

4. But: meaning however


I do not like pizza but I like pasta.

5. Or: meaning alternative


You can have ‘rasmalai’ or ice cream.

6. Yet: meaning but


He was unwell, yet he went to school. 

7. So: meaning therefore


She went off to sleep, so we left.

Worksheet: Conjunctions Class 5 English Grammar

A. Now, fill in the blanks with the correct conjunctions.

1. My favorite sports are football and ____________ tennis.

2. I wanted to go for a film ____________ Geeta refused.

3. I like cooking ____________ I don’t like washing dirty dishes afterward.

4, I need flour, butter, sugar ____________ eggs to bake a cake.

5. She studies a lot ____________ does not get good marks

6. I did not go to the film ____________ I had a lot to study.

7. It is winter, ____________ I am feeling cold.

8. You have got an exam tomorrow, ____________ you must study tonight.

9. I do not like jazz music ____________  the opera.

10. I do not like the food at that restaurant ____________ its ambiance.

11. We will win the game ____________ we have a strong team.

12. Lekha has lots of friends ____________ she feels lonely.

Other important conjunctions:

1. Since: meaning reason


Since he was not at home, I left a message with his brother.

2. Since: meaning time


I have not spoken to him since he left.

3. Until: meaning time


We stayed at the beach until it was dinnertime.

4. Until: meaning time


We stayed at the beach until it was dinnertime.

5. When: means time


Come home when the clock strikes twelve.

6. Whenever: means time


I will come over whenever you call me.

7. While: means time


While I was in Manali, it snowed all the time.

8. Because: means reason


He was made the captain because he was a good player.

9. Although: means contrast


Although she was tired, she couldn’t sleep.

10. As: means reason


I could not buy the notebook as the shop was closed.

11. Where: means place


I went to a restaurant where the seats were made of tree trunks.

12. Unless: means condition


You cannot go out to play unless you complete your homework.

13. How: means manner


Do you remember how we went to Lucknow last year?

14. that: means result


She was so weak that she couldn’t walk.

15. After: means time


Call me after you reach home.

16. Before: means time


Meet me before you leave.

17. Why: means reason


I do not know why he behaved badly with you.

18. Whether: means choice


I do not know whether he will come.

19. If: means condition


If you clean your room, you can go out to play.

20. So that: means purpose


I bought some colours so that I could paint.

21. than: means compare


Do not spend more than you earn.

I am taller than Anju.

Worksheet 2: Conjunctions Class 5 English Grammar

B. Now, fill in the blanks with the conjunctions given in the above table.

1. She is so clever __________ she completes her projects in no time.

2. __________ we had dinner, we went for a walk.

3. Everyone likes Clara __________  she is a kind girl.

4. __________  Ratan works hard, he does not get good marks.

5. They won’t come __________  you invite them.

6. __________ you go out to play, clean up the cupboard.

7. __________ Ben is only eight, he can play the piano well.

8. I will let you play, __________ you promise to complete your homework.

9. __________ Father is tired, he likes to sleep on this couch.

10. She is always neatly dressed __________ she is poor.

11. __________ Priya blew out the candles, her hair caught fire.

12. Sara begins to sneeze __________ we make puris.

13. __________ the doorbell rang, the dog barked loudly.

14. __________ we were driving through the countryside, we saw many pretty cottages.

15. Cut the pictures, __________ glue them in your scrapbook.

16. __________ you feel thirsty, drink some water.

17. __________ I was leaving the room, I bumped into an old friend.

18. I had an accident __________ I was climbing the rock.

19. __________ you are going out, I will stay back.

20. I often make dosas __________ they are quick and easy.

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