Poets and Pancakes Questions Answers for Class 12 2024 

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Summary of Poets and Pancakes

“Poets and Pancakes” by Asokamitran is a novella that offers a glimpse into the lives of writers, journalists, and artists working in a magazine office. The story revolves around the daily routines, struggles, and interactions of the staff in the backdrop of a vibrant, bustling city. It portrays the challenges faced by creative individuals striving to balance their artistic aspirations with the demands of their profession. Through vivid characterization and subtle humor, the novella explores the tensions between commercialism and artistic integrity, shedding light on the complexities of the creative process and the dynamics within the world of literature and journalism.


अशोकमित्रन द्वारा लिखित “पोएट्स एंड पैनकेक्स” एक उपन्यास है जो एक पत्रिका कार्यालय में काम करने वाले लेखकों, पत्रकारों और कलाकारों के जीवन की एक झलक पेश करता है। कहानी एक जीवंत, हलचल भरे शहर की पृष्ठभूमि में कर्मचारियों की दैनिक दिनचर्या, संघर्ष और बातचीत के इर्द-गिर्द घूमती है। यह अपने पेशे की मांगों के साथ अपनी कलात्मक आकांक्षाओं को संतुलित करने का प्रयास करने वाले रचनात्मक व्यक्तियों द्वारा सामना की जाने वाली चुनौतियों को चित्रित करता है। ज्वलंत चरित्र-चित्रण और सूक्ष्म हास्य के माध्यम से, उपन्यास व्यावसायिकता और कलात्मक अखंडता के बीच तनाव की पड़ताल करता है, रचनात्मक प्रक्रिया की जटिलताओं और साहित्य और पत्रकारिता की दुनिया के भीतर की गतिशीलता पर प्रकाश डालता है।

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Q3 Poets and Pancakes Questions Answers for Class 12 MCQ Extract Based 1

Read the following extract and choose the correct option.

A. His success in films overshadowed and dwarfed his literary achievements-or so his critics felt. He composed several truly original ‘story poems’ in folk refrain and diction and also wrote a sprawling novel Thillana Mohanambal with dozens of very deftly etched characters. He quite successfully recreated the mood and manner of the Devadasis of the early 20th century. He was an amazing actor-he never aspired to the lead roles-but whatever subsidiary role he played in any of the films, he performed better than the supposed main players. He had a genuine love for anyone he came across and his house was a permanent residence for dozens of near and far relations and acquaintances. 

i Which of these statements is NOT TRUE about Subbu? 

a) His literary accomplishments stole the limelight from his films. 

b) He was a gifted poet and writer and his literary works were noteworthy. 

c) He was selfless in nature and was empathetic towards others. 

d) He never hankered after lead roles and performed minor roles in films. 

Ans: a) His literary accomplishments stole the limelight from his films. 

ii The word ‘sprawling’ has been used with the word ‘novel’. Pick the option with which the word ‘sprawling’ CANNOT be used. 

a) metropolis 

b) handwriting 

c) campus 

d) portrait 

Ans: d) portrait 

iii The phrase ‘deftly etched’ shows that Subbu 

a) created the roles delicately. 

b) was skilful in creating the characters. 

c) pondered beyond necessity about the characters. 

d) gave very little thought to the characters. 

Ans: b) was skilful in creating the characters. 

iv Pick the option that best describes Subbu according to the extract. 

1. benevolent 

2. powerful 

3. accomplished 

4. witty 

5. generous 

6. temperamental 

a) 4, 5 & 6 

b) 2, 3 & 4 

c) 1,3 & 5 

d) 3 ,4 & 6 

Ans: c) 1,3 & 5 

Q3 Poets and Pancakes Questions Answers for Class 12 MCQ Extract Based 2

Read the following extract and choose the correct option.

B. Barring the office boys and a couple of clerks, everybody else at the Studios radiated leisure, a pre-requisite for poetry. Most of them wore khadi and worshipped Gandhiji but beyond that they had not the faintest appreciation for political thought of any kind. Naturally, they were all averse to the term ‘Communism’. A communist was a godless man-he had no filial or conjugal love; he had no compunction about killing his own parents or his children; he was always out to cause and spread unrest and violence among innocent and ignorant people. Such notions, which prevailed everywhere else in South India at that time also, naturally, floated about vaguely among the khadi-clad poets of Gemini Studios. Evidence of it was soon forthcoming. 

i Pick the option that uses the same figure of speech as ‘A communist is a godless man.’ 

a) She is as determined as Gandhi when it is a fight against injustice. 

b) She is a Gandhi when she raises her voice against ‘hinsa’ or violence. 

c) She, like Gandhi, feels that the earth is crying for deliverance. 

d) She lives a life of opulence and calls herself a follower of Gandhi. 

Ans: b) She is a Gandhi when she raises her voice against ‘hinsa’ or violence. 

ii Based on the extract, choose the correct option with reference to the two statements given below. 

Statement 1: At Gemini Studios, the poets had a profound knowledge about Communists. 

Statement 2: Communists were responsible for anarchy and discontent in the country. 

a) Statement 1 is true but Statement 2 is false. 

b) Statement 1 is false but Statement 2 is true. 

c) Both Statement 1 and Statement 2 cannot be inferred. 

d) Both Statement 1 and Statement 2 can be inferred. 

Ans: d) Both Statement 1 and Statement 2 can be inferred. 

iii Why do you think leisure is a pre-requisite for poetry? 

a) Poetry means freedom of expression. 

b) One can enjoy poetry when there’s free time. 

c) In order to write poetry, one needs free time. 

d) Poetry means freedom from work. 

Ans: c) In order to write poetry, one needs free time. 

iv Asokamitran says that leisure is a pre-requisite for poetry. He says this because poets 

a) need to relax for a period of time before composing lines. 

b) maintain a leisured pace in all tasks they do. 

c) are creative and need to have free time to weave their thoughts. 

d) begin poetic compositions in rushed way and end in a relaxed manner. 

Ans: c) are creative and need to have free time to weave their thoughts. 

Q 5 Poets and Pancakes Questions Answers for Class 12 with Stand Alone MCQs 

i ‘In any case, there was this man in the make-up department who would wish the direst things for Subbu’. Here ‘direst things’ refers to something that is 

a) urgent. 

b) desperate. 

c) disastrous. 

d) dreadful. 

Ans: d) dreadful.

ii Pick the quote which best describes Subbu’s role in Gemini Studios based on the story. 

1. Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful. 

2. The more a person limits himself, the more resourceful he becomes. 

3. Success is not about your resources. It’s about how resourceful you are with what you have. 

4. Resourcefulness: Seeing where you want to go and taking the first step. 

a) Option 1 

b) Option 2 

c) Option 3 

d) Option 4 

Ans: c) Option 3 

iii ‘An extremely talented actress, who was also extremely temperamental, once blew over on the sets’. 

Pick the idiom that matches best with ‘blew over’. 

a) At one’s wits end 

b) Get bent out of shape 

c) Have the blues 

d) Experience pins and needles 

Ans: b) Get bent out of shape 

iv ‘Often he looked alone and helpless- a man of cold logic in a crowd of dreamers…’. It can be inferred that the man 

a) rationalised every thought before it was spoken. 

b) failed to consider human emotions and social dynamics. 

c) was critical of what others did around him. 

d) egoistic and always thought others lacked reason. 

Ans: b) failed to consider human emotions and social dynamics. 

Q10 Poets and Pancakes Questions Answers for Class 12 in 30-40 words 

i What kind of effect does Asokamitran’s style of writing have on the reader? 

Ans: Asokamitran’s writing style captivates readers with its simplicity yet profound depth. His straightforward prose, rich in vivid imagery and keen observations, evokes a strong sense of empathy, allowing readers to deeply connect with his narratives and characters.

ii Discuss the significance of the make-up room in the chapter, ‘Poets and Pancakes’. 

Ans: In ‘Poets and Pancakes,’ the make-up room symbolizes the backstage reality behind the glamour of theater. It serves as a space where artists confront their vulnerabilities, showcasing the contrast between their public personas and private struggles.

iii ‘In all instances of frustration, you will always find the anger directed towards a single person openly or covertly…’ Do you think it is right to direct our anger towards someone who is not responsible for the cause of anger? Justify. 

Ans: Directing anger towards someone who isn’t responsible for its cause is unfair and unproductive. It can strain relationships, create misunderstandings, and escalate conflicts. It’s crucial to address the source of frustration constructively rather than projecting it onto an innocent individual.

iv. The people left in ‘utter bafflement’ after the English poet’s speech. Mention two things the speaker could have kept in mind before addressing an audience to avoid such a reaction. Give your rationale for it. 

Ans: Before addressing an audience, the speaker should consider their audience’s familiarity with the subject and ensure clarity in communication. This prevents confusion and ensures engagement by tailoring the speech to the audience’s knowledge level, avoiding “utter bafflement.”

Q12 Poets and Pancakes Questions Answers for Class 12 in 120-150 words 

i Imagine Asokamitran witnesses a film shooting and visits a film set of presentday Bollywood. 

As Asokamitran write a diary entry penning down the transformation you notice between film making of yesteryears and today. 


Dear Diary,

Today, I had the unique opportunity to visit a present-day Bollywood film set, and the transformation I witnessed was truly remarkable. The film making of yesteryears, which I fondly remember, relied on practical effects, meticulous planning, and personal connections among the crew. However, today’s film production is a grand spectacle of technological advancement and global collaboration.

The sets are extravagant, employing cutting-edge CGI and advanced filming techniques. The scale and opulence surpass anything I could have imagined. Yet, amidst the glitz and glamour, I sensed a loss of intimacy and authenticity. The human touch seems diluted by the reliance on digital enhancements and the pursuit of larger-than-life visuals.

While the evolution is impressive, I can’t help but reminisce about the simplicity and craftsmanship of the past, where creativity thrived without the aid of overwhelming technological prowess.



ii After reading this story, you are impressed by the author’s use of gentle humour to point out human foibles. Evaluate whether using such humour contributes towards bringing about change in people’s attitude and accepting their foibles. 

Ans: The use of gentle humor to highlight human foibles can indeed contribute to a change in people’s attitudes and their acceptance of their own imperfections. Humor has a disarming effect, allowing individuals to reflect on their shortcomings without feeling attacked or defensive. By presenting foibles in a lighthearted manner, the author encourages self-reflection and promotes a more open-minded approach to acknowledging and embracing one’s flaws.

This type of humor fosters empathy and self-awareness, creating a conducive environment for personal growth and change. It helps individuals recognize common human traits, making them more inclined to accept their own imperfections and those of others. Ultimately, this gentle approach through humor encourages a more compassionate and tolerant outlook, facilitating a greater willingness to embrace and learn from one’s foibles.

Poets and Pancakes Extra Short Questions Answers Class 12

What is the main point of the Poets and pancakes?

Ans: The main essence of “Poets and Pancakes” lies in depicting the struggles, aspirations, and conflicts of creative individuals within a magazine office, showcasing the delicate balance between artistic pursuit and the demands of a commercialized world.

What was present on both the sides of the cubicle in the chapter Poets & Pancakes ‘?

Ans: In the chapter “Poets & Pancakes,” on both sides of the cubicle, there were shelves filled with books. On one side, there were stacks of English classics, while on the other, Tamil literary works adorned the shelves.

What is the central idea of the Poets and pancakes?

Ans: The central idea of “Poets and Pancakes” revolves around the juxtaposition of artistic passion and the commercial realities within a magazine office. It explores the intricate dynamics between creativity and commercialism, portraying the challenges faced by writers and artists striving to maintain their artistic integrity amid commercial pressures.

What does catapulted into mean in Poets and pancakes?

Ans: In the context of “Poets and Pancakes,” “catapulted into” signifies a sudden and forceful launch or thrust into a new situation, often implying an unexpected or rapid transition into a particular circumstance or role.

What is the theme of the chapter Poets and pancakes in 300 words?

Ans: The chapter “Poets and Pancakes” delves into the lives of writers, journalists, and artists working in a magazine office, encapsulating various interconnected themes.

At its core, the chapter explores the dichotomy between artistic integrity and commercialization. It delves into the struggles faced by creative individuals who strive to maintain their artistic pursuits while grappling with the demands of the commercial world. The tension between creating meaningful, thought-provoking content and succumbing to commercial pressures is a prominent theme. Writers and artists find themselves navigating this delicate balance, seeking to express themselves artistically while meeting the market demands imposed by the publication.

Another theme woven throughout the chapter is the portrayal of the creative process. It illustrates the challenges, routines, and rituals involved in the lives of these artists, revealing the intricate dynamics of their daily work lives. The author highlights the commitment, passion, and dedication these individuals possess towards their craft, shedding light on the complexity of the creative journey.

Furthermore, the chapter also touches upon the significance of literature and the arts in society. It underscores the value of storytelling, journalism, and artistic expression in reflecting and shaping culture and societal norms. The interactions among the staff in the office reflect not only personal dynamics but also the larger context of how literature and art influence and are influenced by society.

Ultimately, “Poets and Pancakes” intricately weaves together these themes to present a multifaceted portrayal of the challenges, aspirations, and conflicts within the world of creative pursuits, painting a nuanced picture of the intersection between art, commerce, and human endeavor.

What is the significance of the words poet and pancake?

Ans: In “Poets and Pancakes,” the words “poet” and “pancake” symbolize contrasting facets of creativity and commercialism. “Poet” represents artistic depth, creativity, and literary pursuit, while “pancake” symbolizes the commercial, popular, and easily consumable aspects of writing, reflecting the tension between artistic integrity and commercial demands in the literary world.

What does blew over mean in Poets and Pancakes?

Ans: In the context of “Poets and Pancakes,” “blew over” refers to the resolution or dissipation of a conflict, issue, or disturbance. It suggests that a situation settled or calmed down after a period of turmoil or tension.

What type of speech is blew?

Ans: In the sentence “blew over” from “Poets and Pancakes,” “blew” functions as the past tense of the verb “to blow.” Here, it specifically signifies an action that happened in the past, indicating the resolution of a situation.

What does blew him a kiss mean?

Ans: “Blew him a kiss” refers to the gesture of kissing one’s hand and then extending it outward, as if blowing the kiss through the air toward someone as a sign of affection, goodwill, or farewell.

What if a girl blows you a kiss?

Ans: If a girl blows you a kiss, it typically indicates a sign of affection, fondness, or romantic interest. It’s a non-verbal gesture often used to convey feelings of warmth, friendship, or romantic attachment.

Why does he kiss on his lips?

Ans: Kissing on the lips is a common expression of affection, intimacy, or romantic attachment between individuals. It can signify various emotions, including love, passion, desire, or a strong emotional connection between two people.

What is blowing a kiss called?

Ans: Blowing a kiss is commonly referred to as an “air kiss.” It involves the action of kissing one’s hand and then blowing the kiss through the air as a gesture of affection, love, or farewell.